In 15 years, Zack Zeiler, doctors diagnosed – Hodgkins lymphoma (a kind of cancer). To treat the disease, he should have had several chemotherapy sessions.

Anthropometric data

  • Age – 19 years;
  • Height – 184 cm;
  • Weight – 77 kg.

A terrible diagnosis

In 15 years, Zack Zeiler, doctors diagnosed – Hodgkins lymphoma (a kind of cancer). To treat the disease, he should have had several chemotherapy sessions. For a year Zak was in hospitals, did not go to secondary school, and even met his 16th birthday in the hospital ward. Several times the young man fell into a deep depression, but always believed that soon in his life comes only good. And soon in his life came a bright period.

When Zack Zeiler was discharged from the clinic, he weighed a measly 48 kg. Even before the terrible disease, he seriously took a great interest in bodybuilding and looked very good, but after the hospital, it was scary to look at him. Nevertheless, Seiler decides to resume physical exertion again and with an unprecedented determination and belief in success begins to rebuild his own body. Zak started with small scales at home, gradually increasing the load. As soon as he gets a little stronger, he decides to enroll in the gym and goes down in the reading of articles about fitness. Such zeal in training did not take long to wait, with each month the body of Seyler became more and more attractive and attractive. The progress was so noticeable for everyone around, which caused only admiration. In just a couple of years of training in the gym, Zack Zeiler was able to rebuild a beautiful body and defeat a terrible disease. Simply awesome and deserves all respect!

Training process

According to Zack Zeiler, each person must adapt the training process to himself. At the same time constantly changing the methods of training, this is done so that the muscles do not have time to adapt to any one type of load. You can constantly change the number of approaches and repetitions, the type of exercises, weight of weights, and even the style of training. Within one week, you can deal with small scales, on the next – give only large loads, while paying special attention to the technique so as not to get injured. With a combination of varying degrees of stress, you can train your own body so well that it will certainly grow.

Training schedule from Zach Seiler

  • Monday – triceps/chest;
  • Tuesday – legs;
    environment – biceps/back;
  • Thursday – shoulders;
  • Friday – triceps/breast;
  • Saturday – legs;
  • Sunday – biceps/back.

Additionally, the shin and the press can be pumped daily. For example, on Monday – press, Tuesday – shin, then repeat. The total duration of the lesson is approximately 15 minutes.


Year-round it is necessary to adhere to a certain type of diet. To create a relief body you need a dry muscle mass. To do this, daily it is necessary to exceed your daily norm of BJU at least not much. This will make it possible to achieve a dry musculature. It is advisable to completely exclude the “garbage” from the food, but it is necessary to remember that without the pleasure of eating it will not be possible to constantly follow the chosen diet, so you should try to give yourself more pleasure in eating. At a diet, it is necessary to count constantly macronutrients that it or her completely supervises.

Power It looks like this:

  • a cocktail of proteins and oatmeal;
  • apple, scrambled eggs, oatmeal;
  • macaroni and vegetables, chicken breast;
  • banana, a cocktail of proteins;
  • a potato baked, hamburger, milk;
  • home cheese (cottage cheese), a cocktail of proteins, a nutty bar.