Today we interview Zach Zeiler steroids and ask him a few questions.


  • Age – 19 years.
  • Height – 183 cm.
  • Weight – 77 kg.

How did you start your “iron path”?

zach zeilerAt the age of 15, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma Zach Zeiler steroids. Treatment for this type of cancer meant that I would have to undergo chemotherapy therapy and irradiation sessions. During this treatment, I missed almost the entire second year in the senior class, lost my friends, did not engage in any sports and even spent my 16th birthday in the hospital bed Zach Zeiler steroids. No matter how bad I felt or how much I was depressed, I told myself that I would manage it all and in one day I would look back, being much stronger and more self-assured. Strictly speaking, I did it! After my treatment was over, I weighed about 48kg! I started my treatment with an athletic build and graduated from it, being dying, thin and very tired after all that I went through. I had to choose the right path to get all my strength back and also somehow get rid of my former life’s disappointments. This is the point of the report. At that very hard moment, I discovered classes with weights.

I started very simply, just a little basic work with my weight, which did not lead to the desired results, which led me to the only way out – buying a subscription to the gym. As soon as I got the right equipment at hand in the gym – it motivated me to learn as much information as possible on how to properly deal with, what types of exercises exist, in general about fitness in general. I learned very quickly and the results did not take long. The more I put in sports, the better the results. I spent an incredible amount of hours in the gym, which allowed me to gain a significant amount of muscle and show myself in the same pattern as I am today.

I do not know how I came to this, but I believe that every day is an opportunity that can ultimately lead to success.

Why were you so motivated?

My motivation came from the results I achieved. Building a body is one of the few things in life where you can physically notice the result of how you worked.

This, in my opinion, is the most useful aspect of bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness or just working on the body: You get everything you are ready to give.

What training program worked for you in the best way?

One thing in my studies that separates me from other people is the point of view with which I approach my training. I understand that all people have their own style of training and there are no identical people. Zach Zeiler steroids personal belief is that each person must adapt different training styles to himself. You ask, what do I mean by the training style? This is a style of training that involves a constant change in training, which will allow your muscles not to adapt to a particular style of training, thus deceiving your body. There are an incredible number of methods, for example: to change the number of repetitions and approaches, to change exercises and weight of weights and even the manner in which you train Zach Zeiler steroids. One week I throw off working weights and work with less burden, feeling it well throughout the whole phase of the movement – from stretching to full contraction. Next week, I focus on working with heavy weights and do my best to perform a heavy training plan (of course I do it with the right technique so as not to get injured). By combining different styles of training, your body never adapts to one of them, and it will have no other choice but to GROW!

If you had the opportunity to do only 3 exercises, which ones would you choose and why?

  1. Bench press with dumbbells. This became one of my favorite exercises, for all the time visiting the gym. At the beginning of my journey, it was hard for me to give the pectoral muscles and for a very long time I did a bench press with the bar, using the neck. It was not very effective for me, especially in the starting position, when you need to remove the neck from the racks. It happened for one simple reason, I was one of those skinny guys in the hall who were too afraid to ask the guys to hedge about 60 kg with a weight on the bar.
    With dumbbells, I not only can do the exercise using their full potential without an insurer, but also much better feel the isolated work of the pectoral muscles.
  2. Squats with a barbell on the shoulders. One of my deepest mistakes in life is that I did not squat for a long time at the beginning of my training. No, I was not a guy who misses the day of legs, I just never even tried to squat and did not think how to learn to do this exercise or understand how effective it is. This continued until my third year of classes, which I shined to learn the correct technique of squats and putting this exercise into my training program. Squats have become one of my favorite exercises and a clear example for the development of leg muscles, for me personally.
  3. Deadlift. Another exercise that I would have dreamed of doing since the beginning of my training. Just like squats, I did not connect this exercise to my training process until about the third year of my training. Not that I was afraid of doing cravings, I just did not have the slightest idea how to perform this exercise with the right technique. The most important advice that I can give to beginners is PRACTICAL! Do yourself self-education in the field of different exercises, training styles, because it’s all on the Internet, improve your technique and the results will not be long in coming Zach Zeiler steroids.

What does your diet look like at the moment?

I follow my diet fairly strictly throughout the year. I remain embossed all year round and my task is to set dry muscle mass, without going into the off-season. I adhere to the idea of ​​consuming a bit more of my intramural BZU norm (taking as a basis the norm of BJU that will allow me to maintain my result at the moment), which allows me to gain muscle mass while remaining relatively dry. Naturally, I try to eat as little as possible, “garbage”, but you have to remember that if you do not enjoy, from what you eat, you will not stick to this diet for a long time Zach Zeiler steroids. If I wanted to prepare for the competition, then I would certainly not batting an eye adhering to the diet, which is laid, regardless of taste. Currently, I continue to constantly count my macronutrients, in order to master fully the manipulation of the diet, depending on the phase of the set or fat burning.

My approximate diet:

  1. Oatmeal + protein cocktail.
  2. Omelet, oatmeal and apple.
  3. Chicken breast and pasta with vegetables.
  4. Protein cocktail and banana.
  5. Hamburger, baked potatoes and milk.
  6. Protein cocktail, homemade cheese (European equivalent of cottage cheese), protein bar with nuts.

When you on the cutting, what kind of cardio do you stick to? High intensity interval training (HIIT) or other?

I use both methods, depending on what mood I’m in. Sometimes Zach Zeiler steroids, it’s more useful for me to just run about 30 minutes on the treadmill than to do interval high-intensity training. If I want to train hard or with high intensity, then of course I will turn to interval-high intensity before using regular cardio, but in fact, I do not have any preferences.

What supplements do you take?

I do not accept anything special, it’s very simple, which I will always adhere to. I never say which brands of sports nutrition I use, for one simple reason, everyone should find their own brand or additive that will work most productively for him. The main supplements I take are protein, pre-training complex and creatine. I consider these supplements to be the main ones and they will help you achieve the desired result. A lot of things can still be useful for me, but I chose what works best for me. But as I said earlier, you need to find something that will help you progress as much as possible.