Hugh Jackman Wolverine bodybuilder trained on the program of Dwayne Johnson To prepare for the shooting of “Wolverine”.

Very soon for rent will be a fantastic action movie “Wolverine: Immortal” with Hugh Jackman. For this role, the actor needed to come in perfect physical shape, and in a new interview, he told that he was taking the advice of one of the main Hollywood athletes – Dwayne’s “Rocks” Johnson.

The magnificent form of Dwayne Johnson was recently appreciated in the movie “Fast and Furious 6”

hugh jackmanIn an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jackman wolverine bodybuilder said what system should be followed to become like Luke Hobbs or Wolverine:

I called Dwayne and said, “Buddy, I saw you in The Tooth Fairy … and then in action, and you looked so huge. How did you do it?”. As it turned out, this requires a lot of time and a lot of food. He explained: “Do you want to gain 25 pounds of lean muscle mass? It will take you six months. Eat 6000 calories per day, and everything will turn out.”

A call from a colleague found Rock on the set. During the conversation, there was a knock at the door of the trailer, and Jackman heard the actor say to someone:

“Wait a bit! I’m busy, I’m talking to Wolverine!”

The premiere of the film “Wolverine bodybuilder: Immortal” is scheduled for July 25. According to the plot, the main character goes to Japan, where he falls in love with a beautiful girl, who turns out to be the daughter of the head of the yakuza clan.