The Worst Bodybuilder makes scary takeaway artists who are bodybuilders. I have a Special perspective on this.

10 tips

1. Do not believe in advertising and do not pursue an unrealistic goal.

All professional bodybuilding organizations pursue their main goal – obtaining commercial profit. How? With the help of the UNDESIRED OBJECTIVE!

worst bodybuilderAn unattainable goal is a goal that you do not knowingly achieve. In our case, these are volumes, an unnaturally huge muscle mass. You can build large muscles, but you will never become Dorian Yates.

Let’s figure it out. You know that commercial profit is extracted by professional bodybuilding organizations from large contests (for example, Mr. Universe), from a huge share in the market of food additives, from the sale of prints, in which, by the way, the “irreconcilable” stance towards steroids, and so on. In fact, all elite bodybuilders are literally “steeped” in steroids. They use more steroids and pharmaceuticals than a small hospital. What is it all about? To create a NON-OBTAINED GOAL!

What happens? The worst bodybuilder – an amateur looking at contests, buying all these magazines, video films, follows training recommendations, practicing physical exercises almost round the clock, spending tons of money on various supplements, and the results are more than modest. And he naturally starts to think that his training program is ineffective, that he lacks nutrients, the nutritional supplement does not fit, etc. … Ultimately, all these reflections lead to the fact that he begins to look for more and newer additives, new training programs, new stories of new stars of bodybuilding pussy and … pays, pays, pays.

Conclusion: if you are straight, you can only grow natural mass. And do not pursue a ghostly goal.

2. Food additives.

If you want to pump up huge muscles – you need nutritional supplements. Right? Wrong! At all times there were people who have a powerful, beautiful physique. Did you think that such people appeared only after 1970? Remember, in any village the greatest and strongest person was a smith. Why do you think? Because he worked all day with heavy metal, or because he ate an extra portion of the protein product and took creatine? The answer is obvious. All that you need to build your muscles, is available in natural food. Nutritional supplements may indeed be useful, but in principle, they are not needed bodybuilding pussy. You are just brainwashed when you start to doubt it. Here is a good protein cocktail (all natural), which was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1970:

  • 2 glasses of milk.
  • 1/2 cup low-fat milk powder.
  • 1 egg.
  • 1/2 cup ice cream.

3. Training hall – a place for training, not the club “Who for …”

Recollect, how often in the training hall you meet people who after performing one approach in the exercise begin to wander aimlessly around the hall or make a stupid trifle with someone? It takes at least 5 minutes before they take the bar again. Serious athletes in the gym are doing physical exercises, and not discussing the latest news about the worst bodybuilder … It is very important how much time you spend on pauses between sets. The most that you can afford is 2 minutes.

4. Frequency of training.

bodybuilding pussyWhen working on the mass there is no need to visit the hall more than 3 times a week and spend more than 1 hour in it. You exercise even 2 times a week, and it will also give good results bodybuilding pussy. How is this possible? Deal with heavy weights. There are no middle and easy days for us. Use basic exercises (presses, traction, squats) the worst bodybuilder. Eliminate isolation exercises such as dilutions, broaches, etc. You need to understand that your body is under great stress and needs rest. Why do you think it is always advised to take a one-week break to overcome the plateau?

Very often you have to hear: “And, what if I only work out the biceps once a week? Will they grow?” Of course! By the way, remember, biceps, participate in such exercises as rod pull to the waist in the slope (exercise on the muscles of the back) the worst bodybuilder, and the deltas participate in the bench press.

5. The technique of exercise.

You already know that the basis for building up the mass is doing physical exercises with large weights. You must deal with the big scales at the beginning of the workout, while you are still in good shape. But, if you put on a bench 50 pounds more than your usual weight, and thus the bar, like a ball, bounces from the chest, and the backbends in the wrestling bridge, do not expect that such a technique will help achieve your goals. Maybe you will make an impression on someone who does not know these tricks, but you then you will not spend. At the time when you cheat, the auxiliary muscles are included in the work, and instead of qualitatively working in the exercise of the basic muscle groups, you waste energy for doing useless exercise.

6. Be a person, not a self-satisfied, selfish “ricer.”

You can always identify a true athlete. As a rule, he is engaged in old shorts and impregnated sweatshirt. He is not one who walks around the hall touching others with his elbows, he does not wear 100 dollar sneakers, does not cut off the sleeves of a training T-shirt and does not tell with an important air about how much he can squeeze lying down worst bodybuilder … Do not be ridiculous. Naturalness, simplicity, friendliness – that is what causes respect in the hall.

7. Free weights – that’s not all.

“Can I increase the mass by doing the simulators”? the worst bodybuilder Yes. Supporters of free weight claim that the mass grows only from free weights. This is not entirely true. Your muscles respond to intense physical activity, which can come from a variety of sources. The muscles do not care whether you use free weights or exercise machines. They just react to the load. Well load the muscle, and it will respond to you with its height. Of course, do not completely abandon the lessons from using free weights. Just remember that free weight is not the only way to mass.

But not all simulators, as they say, are created equal. For example, to work out the muscles of the shoulders and chest, it is best to practice on the “Hammer”, as this simulator is designed taking into account the natural trajectories of human movement.

8. Minimum 5,000 calories per day. It seems so?

If you consume 4,000-5,000 calories per day, then really build up a lot of mass. Fatty mass. You often hear how experienced bodybuilders talk about what physical exercises they do, how they eat bodybuilding pussy. But they will never tell what kind of pills they take. The use of steroids accelerates the biosynthesis of muscle, and this requires a large number of calories. If you absorb as much food, then very soon turn into a “kolobok”.

9. Progress is progress.

You do not miss a single workout, gradually increase the number of repetitions, carefully add 2 1/2 pounds to the bar, but in the last two months of training your biceps increased by only 1/8 inch. And this is all your progress … Do you think that only constant muscle growth is the only sign of progress? Do not despair, your muscles grow, it just happens slowly. Be patient, concentrate on the details, and everything will come to you in due time. To build a quality muscle mass, it takes a long, hard work.

10. The main reason for failure is your negative attitude.

Until 1970, people did not believe in the possibility of overcoming the 500-pound line of the worst bodybuilder. But in 1970, during the Olympic Games, it was finally done. Over the next few months, this record was repeated by many athletes. Why? Mental barriers! If one person has been able to overcome a certain threshold, others begin to believe in their capabilities. Your mind is a very powerful training factor. Concentrate, concentrate, believe in yourself, and success is assured to you.