What are prohormones?

Best Prohormones 2016, These are Some of The Legit Prohormones Not Banned + The next class of Legal muscle Builder hit the market SARMS. Bodybuilders, fitness models, and other athletes are in constant search of the ideal sports nutrition. Steroids and the products kamagra-24.net of pharmacology are gradually receding into the background. Now prohormones 2016 are gaining popularity – special substances that work by the type of steroids, but with fewer side effects. Receiving prohormones will not bring you unpleasant surprises chlorodehydromethyltestosterone in the form of serious pobochek, because the course lasts only a month. During this time, the body does not have time to suppress the hormonal background. With prohormones, you can achieve good results, improve the relief of muscles, gain muscle mass best prohormone of 2016. These products are produced legally by US companies, which can also be attributed to the pluses. It’s no secret that many steroid drugs are prohibited by law and manufacturers are forced to sell them on the black market. All this indicates that soon all athletes will switch to prohormones. Extremely good reviews only double this fact.


Prohormones or as they are also called “designer steroids” are substances contained in sports nutrition products acting like ordinary steroids. They disclose their active formula after ingestion. Prohormones 2016 is more natural in composition and does not cause significant harm to the body.


Epistane is a popular powerful anabolic prohormone. By action is similar to Turinabol. Significantly increases strength, helps to gain dry muscle mass, reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone).

Tren – a powerful prohormone, based on the interaction of the substance Trendione strongest prohormone 2016. For the course of admission, you can gain 8-10 kg of muscle mass. Tren is absolutely non-toxic for the liver and kidneys, enhances blood flow, improves power performance.

Mechabol is a prohormone structurally close to testosterone. It will help you: gain muscle mass, increase muscle density, burn excess fat, and improve the hydro balance clenbuterol results in the body. Halo – is aimed at increasing testosterone levels and protein synthesis. Allows you to gain 4-5 kg ​​of muscle mass.

Msten (Methylstenbolone) – great for those who want to effectively and quickly gain muscle mass best legal prohormones 2016. This is a powerful prohormone, it should be taken only by professional athletes and must be followed after course therapy.

Trest is one of the prohormones 2016 for a set of general muscle mass. Provides an increase in strength, energy. Supports joints and ligaments in good condition. Requires compliance with PCT.

Advantages of prohormones 2016 over steroids

  • Minimal side effects;
  • Improved formula;
  • Legality;
  • Do not convert to estrogen;

Side effects when taking prohormones are the t3 weight loss results same as when taking anabolic steroids, with the difference that their manifestations can be avoided or minimized. At the end of the course, follow post-course therapy with PKT new prohormones 2016. Do not increase the recommended dosage. If you want to achieve impressive results, pump your body personal training studios, but have not yet taken the products of sports nutrition because of fear of taking pharmacological products or chemistry, then pay attention to the prohormones 2016. Perhaps this is what you are looking for.

Proven producers of prohormones 2016:

  • Brawn Nutrition;
  • Olympus Labs;
  • Trans-Formation Labs;
  • Assault Labs.

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  • People, I donated hormones and I didn’t have time to sign up for a doctor and I can’t understand anything by the standards. Can someone evaluate my results. Handed over to the 5yday cycle in the diagnosis:
    1) TSH -1.32 mIU / l
    2) FSH – 9.33 mIU / l
    3) LH – 10.3 mIU / l
    4) Estradiol – 81 nmol / l
    5) Prolactin – 289 mIU / l
    6) Cortisol 8h – 445 nmol / l
    7) DGEAC – 2.5 µmol / l
    8) Testosterone -2.4 nmol / l
    I would be grateful if you advise)). Or at least give a link to the normal table of norms, because those that I watched with the name of the phases without any explanations that I do not know …

  • All hormones pass on the phases of the menstrual cycle: 5-7 and 20-22 days of the menstrual cycle. Their reliability can be determined after triple control.
    All the rest is profanation, since there can be an elementary error. which does not fit into the standard options.

  • I use olympus labs. very happy))

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  • Long wondered what to choose? Perhaps I’ll try olympus labs.

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