Vegan Gains lawsuit took what Jason Blaha and Ian McCarthy (Ian McPoptart) King IIFYM and molded it into the greatest trolling youtube channel

The murderous full-body for beginners of the 1st year of training from the American trainer and blogger Jason Blaha:

Training 3 times a week. Alternating ABAB, etc.

Day A

  • Squat 5х5
  • Bench press 5х5
  • Draft in slope 5х5
  • Shrugs 3×8
  • Extensions to triceps 3×8
  • PSNB 3х8
  • Hyperextension with a weight of 2×10
  • Crunches (abs) 3×10-20

Day B

  • The squire 5х5
  • Deadlift 1×5
  • Standing press 5х5
  • Thrust in the slope of 5×5 (weight minus 10% of day A)
  • Press narrow grip 3×8
  • PSNB 3х8

vegan gains vs lexfitnessRest between sets 5х5 3-5 minutes, between approaches 3х8 1-2 minutes vegan gains vs lexfitness. Progression-linear
If you have not coped with the repetitions, leave the same weight for the next workout. If the situation repeats, throw off at 10-15%. Overload.
In the case of the “plateau”, vegan gains lawsuit one week of the Delayed (unloading) is done:

  • Option A is just a fool outside the gym.
  • Option B The weight on the barbell and the training volume are reduced approximately 1.5 times.

Delaware (unloading) approximately every 6 weeks – Correct!

Jason recommends 2.5 kg increase for squats and pulls each workout, for bench press, bench press and rod pull to the belt 1kg increase, and 0.5kg increase for all other movements in the program vegan gains lawsuit. Therefore, in order to train on this program you need small pancakes or micro-plates.

The “Plateau”

Because of the huge tonnage and the clearly prescribed number of repetitions and sets, Jason provides a plateau protocol. If you 2 trainings to a row are not able to perform the prescribed number of repetitions in all sets, at the next training you take 15% of the weight in the exercise where you “ran into the plateau” and start your progression again. If you encounter a plateau on the same weight 3 times in a row (most likely it will be a squat), instead of 5×5 you start to do 3×5 and increase the weight on the bar every second workout.


This program uses a conjugate or linear periodization method (or if you do not want it here at all), where each workout is a separate mesocycle and microcycle, but since the program is intended for beginners, this simplicity of the device is quite acceptable.

Recovery management.

is vegan gains a trollIf you want to train on this program, I strongly recommend that you learn to eat a lot, because if you do not eat, most likely you either injure yourself, or you simply can not progress on it, because in terms of recovery management the program is truly brutal vegan gains vs lex fitness. Everyone does the same number of repetitions (and it’s not small here) vegan gains lawsuit, and the progression of the loads will certainly be able to test you for strength.

Accounting for individual characteristics.

The program does not take into account individual features, but it is so designed for beginners, it’s not so critical, because as we said earlier, the body of a beginner is one big weak point vegan gains lawsuit, and the choice of exercises most likely will not leave those.

Specificity of the program.

This program is aimed at building a power and muscle base is vegan gains a troll, and can be defined as a program for bodybuilding beginners.

Comments from the author of the program.

In the author’s opinion, you should stay on this program until you can shake 100×3, sit down 140×5, and draw 160×5, and you should do this for 9-12 months training for this program. And as Jason strongly recommends to refrain from changing the program, and especially in the addition of exercises or sets. Believe me, the program is so damn brutal, so do not experiment.