There are special substances in the body that affect the body weight. Including, the body weight t3 weight loss results depends on the concentration of triiodothyronine – the hormone of the thyroid gland. Pharmaceutical industry produces drugs that are identical in composition to “natural” hormones. But these drugs are used not only by the sick but also by those who want to quickly lose weight.

Characteristics of Triiodothyronine

The role of thyroid hormones in the body is great. Thyroxin activates protein synthesis, i.e. is a catalyst. A special place among the hormones is triiodothyronine (t3):

  1. Actively affects metabolism, accelerating it, provokes the disintegration of complex substances to simple ones. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates break down to amino acids, fatty acids, and monosaccharides. In this reaction, a large amount of t3 weight loss results adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is released. This is the basic energy unit of all living things, thanks to which the organism has “strength” for the normal functioning of all organs.
  2. Activates in the liver the formation of an indispensable vitamin A, which affects the metabolism and slows the formation of fat deposits, slows down aging and strengthens bones and teeth.
  3. Accelerates protein, lipid metabolism. Due to this, the content of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood decreases.

The hormone is present in the human blood in two forms: triiodothyronine is free and bound. In the free state, the hormone is contained in the body in very small doses, but it is the free T3 that is active. In the blood there is only 0.5% of the hormone “in working order”. The second form is passive; triiodothyronine is in a state of “anabiosis.” To maintain normal metabolism, thyroid hormone is required very little. The norm of triiodothyronine, which should be contained in the blood of a healthy person, depends on the age and even on the time of the year and day. The maximum natural synthesis in the body is in the fall period, and the minimum is in the summer. By the age of 20, the concentration of natural hormone is increasing, and after 50 – it is declining.

t3 weight loss results

Triiodothyronine for Weight Loss

Today, there is no research on the side effects that can arise t3 weight loss results from the use of a medicinal product imitating the natural thyroid hormone by healthy people. It is known that some athletes use it as unofficial doping and for the purpose of rapid weight loss.

  • If you still decided to lose weight quickly with triiodothyronine, then take it correctly: 1 time a day for half an hour before meals for 7 days. Men use 50 μg for fat burning and women less than 25 μg. The recommended dosage for women should be 2 times less than for men since at high drug concentrations the desired weight loss can turn into t3 bodybuilding an increase in muscle mass of the body.
  • Be sure to increase the intake of protein food from the calculation: for 1 kg of weight, eat 2 g of protein a day. In the first days of taking the drug, organize a fasting day. Drink more water, limit the consumption of flour, sweet.
  • While taking a hormone, actively engage in sports. Excellent fit strength exercises, running.

It is important before the start of the course of taking the drug to donate blood for analysis. Remember that with increased triiodothyronine in the blood, it is strictly contraindicated to lose weight with the help of this hormone, otherwise, the consequences of increased metabolism will be very difficult to forecast. In the event that the result of the tests indicates that triiodothyronine is lowered in the blood, you should consult an endocrinologist and be treated. The specialist will t3 weight loss results prescribe adequate therapy so that the hormonal system returns to normal.

The Norm of The Hormone T3

Based on the role of hormones T3 in the human body, it becomes clear that their normal content has a significant impact on the well-being and ability to work.

After the synthesis of triiodothyronine and ingestion into the blood, it is immediately picked up by specific proteins that act as carriers. On the blood t3 bodybuilding vessels they deliver T3 to any corners of the human body, to the tissues that need it.

A small part of triiodothyronine remains in the protein-free form. These hormones are called free. They provide the main biological results of the action of triiodothyronine.

In the laboratory parameters of the conducted blood test, the amount of both total and free hormone T3 is fixed.

The units of its measurement are as follows:

  • total – nanomoles per liter (nmol / l);
  • free – picomoles per liter (pmol / l).

The amount of the hormone is subject to fluctuation depending on the season. Its maximum level is observed from autumn to the end of winter. In summer, the concentration of the hormone is minimal.

The optimal level of triiodothyronine in healthy women and men is:

  • total – 1.20-3.10 nmol / l;
  • free – 3,10-6,80 pmol / l.

In women, the concentration of free hormone is 5-10% lower than in men. And the future mother’s level of T3 may decrease already in the first trimester. After a week after delivery, its content comes back to normal and stabilizes.

In adulthood, namely after 65, the free hormone T3 in plasma and blood serum is reduced to 2.8-6.00 pmol / l.

t3 bodybuilding

Triiodothyronine Reviews

The annotation states that the drug is not suitable for long-term therapy. Especially it can not be used for a long time to lose weight. For 2 weeks athletes t3 weight loss results lose up to 10 kg. But with the wrong reception, the opposite result is not excluded. You can buy triiodothyronine in a pharmacy, but only if you have a doctor’s prescription. Without a prescription, this medicine is not released, because it has quite serious adverse reactions, for example:

  • increased heart rate;
  • headache;
  • irritability;
  • allergic reactions;
  • violation of hormonal balance of the body;
  • metabolic disease.

The natural triiodothyronine analog is the artificial lyrotonin – this is the active substance. There are many trade names for the drug:

  • tribon;
  • trionine;
  • lyotyronine;
  • cytomel.

With the help of this drug in combination with diet and exercise, it is really possible to lose weight on average by 5 kg. If the result is t3 weight loss results required urgently, think about this remedy. But consider that triiodothyronine for weight loss should be taken cautiously. Otherwise, in pursuit of a brilliant result, you risk worsening your health.