Watching this absolute FREAK man make my mind explode as if he was dumped in a VitaMix Blender in burning mode, the biggest bodybuilder ever

Interesting Facts

  • Full name: Ronald Dian Coleman
  • Date of birth: 13 May 1964
  • Coleman’s hometown: Monroe (USA, Louisiana)
  • Ronnie on the beginning of his studies: “All this so I was intrigued that I really went to the gym – I wanted to figure out what kind of sport is the one that I” do. “I looked, I jerked the arms of the simulators – I liked it. began to train. “
  • Ronnie Coleman married at the age of 43 on Roweid Christine Achker in December 2007.
  • Ronnie has two daughters, Jamelia and Valencia Daniel.

Already from an early age, Ronnie Coleman was fond of sports, but his talents found their real use in school years, where he was engaged in football, basketball and baseball, which was admired by his peers. However, despite this workload of training, Ronnie still found time to visit the gym, which is a few blocks from his house. After leaving school in 1982, Ronnie entered the American University of Grahambling, where he completely immersed himself in American football, playing for the college team – the ‘Tigers’, which Eddy Robinson was training at the time. Despite the successes in the sport, and participating in the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 1986, Ronnie was never able to devote himself to American football, and his career as a football player ended with the graduation from college.

ronnie colemanHaving received a diploma in accounting, Ronnie Coleman biggest bodybuilder ever settled into an ordinary job, which soon he was bored, and then Ronnie realized that working with numbers was not his calling. After that, Ronnie decided to try himself out as a policeman. He had to undergo training at the police academy, after which he could still obtain a patrol position in Arlington. Having started work in the police, come to his liking, Ronnie with the purpose of maintaining a healthy body, again became a frequent visitor to the training hall. However, his training brought more impressive results than expected, and soon he was noticed by the owner of the gym Brian Dobson, who offered him, in exchange for a free subscription, to participate in the contest “Mr. Texas”. Thanks to this, in 1990 Ronnie won his first victory as a bodybuilder. This is the first victory, added to the bodybuilder confidence and determination in the subsequent competitions, which marked the beginning of the brilliant career of Ronald Dian Coleman biggest bodybuilder ever, as one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world. At the moment, Ronnie has won 26 victories in various competitions as a professional bodybuilder IFBB, not counting his eight wins in the competition “Mr. Olympia” (1998-2005).

Ronnie Coleman biggest bodybuilder

Of course, in addition to sporting achievements, Ronnie also biggest bodybuilder ever sought to equip his personal life. So in 2007, in the life of Ronnie appeared Roweide Christine Achker, as well as he has two daughters Jamelia and Valencia Daniel. In everyday family life, Ronnie is calm and balanced, which makes him a good family man.

Anthropometric data by Ronnie Coleman:

  • Height – 180 cm
  • Competitive weight – 138 kg
  • Weight in the off-season is 149 kg
  • Biceps – 61 cm
  • Hip – 87 cm
  • Thorax – 148 cm
  • Waist – 87 cm.

Ronnie’s achievements:

  • 1990 Mr. Texas
  • 1991 World Bodybuilding Heavyweight Championship
  • 1991 Mr. Universe
  • 1995 Professional Cup of Canada
  • 1996 Professional Cup of Canada
  • 1997 Grand prix of Russia
  • 1998 The Night of Champions
  • 1998 Championship in Toronto
  • 1998 Mr. Olympia
  • 1998 Grand Prix of Finland
  • 1998 Grand Prix of Germany
  • 1999 Mr. Olympia
  • 1999 World Professional Championships
  • 1999 Grand Prix of England
  • 2000 Mr. Olympia
  • 2000 Grand Prix of England
  • 2000 World Professional Championships
  • 2001 Arnold the Classic
  • 2001 Mr. Olympia
  • 2001 Grand Prix in New Zealand
  • 2002 Mr. Olympia
  • 2002 Grand Prix of Holland
  • 2003 Mr. Olympia
  • 2003 Grand prix of Russia
  • 2004 Mr. Olympia
  • 2004 Grand Prix of England
  • 2004 Grand Prix of Holland
  • 2004 Grand prix of Russia
  • 2005 Mr. Olympia
  • 2006 Mr. Olympia, 2nd place