The time comes, and everyone asks this difficult question. After all, as before, and I want a sweet, and salty. But you can not. How to get out of the situation, we will explain in this article. With a lack of fiber in the diet, she insists, we have toxicosis. And already toxicosis is the cause of almost all diseases, as it leads to acidification of the body. And then diabetes, gout, and autoimmune diseases. The cause of the disease is of all-all-bad nutrition…

Four rules of healthy eating

  • Really, only by changing the diet, you can get rid of the disease?

There are four rules of health: water balance, physical activity, pH balance, and detoxification (cleansing) of the body. And if all four stages are observed, the person will gradually come out of any disease. A striking example for many women in the “age” – one of the oldest female bodybuilders Ernestine Shepherd from Baltimore (USA). Today she is 82 years old, she works as a fitness trainer, and young girls can envy her fit figure.

It looks amazing. But in the past – this is a man with excess weight, with a bunch of diseases, who came to the gym at 56 years old. When Ernestine realized that she was falling apart and getting older, she decided to take on herself. She does not lie on the couch, does not watch TV shows. Do not gossip with the neighbors. She lives actively: she gets up at 5 am, prays until 6, and then she takes care of herself. Sleep – no later than 10 pm. And she explains that she completely revised her worldview, nutrition, and physical activity.

Ernesine Shepherd 2019

Shepard eats three times a day, and quite modestly: brown rice, chicken breast, fruits and vegetables, walnuts, cereals, and eggs, as well as plenty of water and a favorite protein shake (1 cup of egg white). “I want to show people by my example that old age is not a sentence,” says Ernestina. She proved that even at 80 you can look attractive and feel great. The bodybuilder weighs 59 kg with a height of 168 cm. Fat in her body is 9-10% (the norm for women over 50 years old is 16-25%)

  • Today fat-free diets are in fashion …

– A fat-free diet is a pretty scary occurrence. There was such a period, it lasted 36 years, when it was believed that fats are bad, cholesterol is the most terrible enemy. In Western Europe and America, a low-fat diet was adopted and began to use low-fat products, and this led to the fact that a whole generation of homosexuals grew up

  • What do you mean? Dietology and homosexuality – what is the connection

A connection is such that fats of animal origin are necessary for the formation of testosterone. If during puberty the boy does not get the right amount of fat, he will not form like a man. No testosterone – no male manifestations. It turned out the middle floor. This is very scary, but it confirms a simple rule: we are not creators. Our task is to understand the plan of the Creator and follow it.

In the morning – fish, in the evening – baked potatoes

  • And how should people eat after 50?

The basis of nutrition should be unrefined products and fiber. And this is reasonable. A healthy intestine will cope with any disease because hormones and enzymes and vitamins will be synthesized, all processes will occur as they should occur.

People over 50 years old should have a protein breakfast – these are dairy products, cottage cheese, cheeses, eggs, fish, lean meat, and preferably if there is a choice, poultry meat. The older the person, the less meat should be in the diet. And a few pieces – 2 times a week.
For lunch, there must be fats. Soups are very good if they are not on bone pains. Our traditional soup is just a storehouse of vitamins. The first hot dish takes the load off our digestive tract. It is necessary to proceed from how a group of people ate in this territory for centuries. There is a saying: “Needed where was born.” It did not originate from scratch. We produce enzymes for those products that we constantly eat and that our predecessors ate. Those genetic enzymes that were our ancestors 7 generations ago, we have. And our health is 25% dependent on this.

Ernestine Shepherd and her trainer

In the first half of the day, the body splits everything, and all its energy goes to that. And in the afternoon, the body synthesizes. From what he has split, he creates what he needs. And the energy is completely different, and the possibilities for processing are completely different. Therefore, the hardest food is the first half of the day. Afternoon – light food.

Dinner is steamed vegetables, dairy products, and long carbohydrates (where there are ballast substances: baked potatoes and beets, salads from it, legumes). Fast carbohydrates are refined carbohydrates, such as juices. But they can not get involved. In general, fruits in the 2nd half of the day in raw form is not recommended. But to eat a little bit of dried fruit (which is a small handful) is even necessary.
It’s good to eat 10-12 kinds of stuff for dinner if they are small, or 3-5 large walnuts. We have broken our stomachs with large volumes, and our task is to introduce these volumes little by little into normal dimensions. Therefore: I want to eat – drink some warm water, fool your stomach. And he gradually “lose weight.”

Eat raphaello at night

  • And if you really want to eat at night?

Save yourself with warm water. Our stomach begins to fall asleep at 7 pm and wakes up by 5-6 in the morning. With food, blood rushes into him, and he begins to work actively. And for those who work in shifts at night – to dispatchers, doctors, security guards, thin croutons from our bread or bran will do. For example, I make Vedic natural candy. Dried fruits, nuts, bran on the blender missed, mixed them, made balls, and if you still roll them in coconut chips – here is your Rafaello. Only small. They need to savor, and not cram.

When we eat very quickly, in the bustle, we do not feel the taste and we always want to eat. The brain should get a dopamine complex – the pleasure of food. And the sensation of pleasure has not been canceled yet. And the most important and accessible source of pleasure is food. If the brain has not received this, then it requires: come on, come on again. But if we relish, we feel the taste when we stretch it, because, in fact, we eat with the brain. He commands. He either grabs dopamine or not.
Of course, the number and density of dopamine receptors decrease with age, its concentration decreases in the subcortical formations of the brain and this is manifested in depleted facial expressions, moderation, hunchback, senile posture, and the step length is shortened. Therefore, it is important to replenish this dopamine complex.

What is the Ernestine Shepherd diet?

It is necessary at night to be distracted by something beautiful, to switch attention. But if you already eat, then enjoy the process, and not eat like animals. Here to make balls, and just enjoy them, get a buzz from what they are, you take them in hand. Then there will be completely different portions that will not go on the extra weight and take all the necessary bodies. Still saves classical or ethnic music.
These systems of snacks work very well at night, when our stomach does not work, therefore everything that we have thrown into it in the evening, there until the morning it rots safely – the temperature in the stomach is 380C. Therefore, the best-baked apple, very tasty baked celery – that is, baked root vegetables or fruits. Also, various herbal fees are available. At night it is absolutely impossible to eat meat, fatty and fast carbohydrates. No sweets, cakes

  • And the scrambled eggs?

Well, it is a light protein. Can. But again – a little bit.

  • First the meat, and then the salad, or vice versa? And what to eat first of all – meat or salad?

The fact is that we throw all the food at the same time. The stomach is a sponge, a muscle that contracts. It grinds products, compresses, and throws it from wall to wall. Therefore, there is already such shmurdyak. Separate nutrition is important for those who have obesity and need to remove the load from the stomach. And this is already medical nutrition, and it is carried out in a hospital setting under the supervision of doctors. In everyday life, it is not necessary. Why complicate your life?

” @diva_g_55 This was the year I started following Queen Shepherd. Such an inspiration. “

Our assistants are our symbiotic group, the probiotic group is beneficial bacteria. They must have food. Probiotics are good because they do not need oxygen, as they are aerobes. Also, they do not need any food. And only fiber – soluble and water-insoluble. Everything. From these two fibers, they will make vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin K, a bunch of enzymes, hormones. They will do everything themselves. These are bifidolactic bacteria that we have in the body. And if there are more than 80% of them, no matter where we go, the fungus will be a carpet – we will not pick it up, we will go into the cholera barrack – we will not get sick, we will communicate with sick dysentery – we will not pick it up. We will never have candid, parasites and we will not be acidified. Even there must be E. coli and 1% of pathogenic organisms.

Millet expelled staphylococcus

  • And what should be done to make it so?

Have in your diet fiber and dairy products. If the pathogenic microflora is already colonized in the body and its more than 1 percent, then you have Staphylococcus aureus, which is manifested by sinusitis. And you can at least be jammed with antibiotics, you will not get rid of staphylococcus. Four months of supplementation of copper and staphylococcus will go away.

But first, you just need to restore the intestinal flora. Here is our product – millet. What is it so valuable? Chumaks took him on the road. And not only because it has excellent protein and a lot of vitamin K, but it is rich in copper. Half a year Chumakov on the road, where there are no shops and you can not buy food, you eat only what you took with you. It should not be just food, it should be protection and nutrition. Chumakov chose millet. They chose it intuitively because of copper because then they did not know its meaning.
If we eat from copper dishes, we will never have staphylococcus in the body. Example – India, where the worst sanitation. And the population – one and a half billion. But in the most impoverished Indian family, there is copper cookware. They do not eat supplements, they do not know what probiotics are, they eat from the trash, but they have copper dishes and they do not have staphylococcus. Because the immune system is up to par – and they survive. And more – spices. We do not have copper utensils, but there is a copper supplement.
But the entire pathogenic flora needs oxygen, proteins, fats, and sugars. Therefore, if there is a craving for sugar, then you have dysbiosis (changing the composition and quantitative ratios of the normal microflora (microorganisms) that inhabit the human body). So pathogenic flora “taxis”. This is not a person who wants sugar. It’s them. This is their food. That they need

Sample menu

Breakfast: cottage cheese (kefir, yogurt). Do not get carried away with low-fat dairy products. Foods with fat below 2% are poor in calcium.
The second breakfast: fruits or vegetables.
Lunch: vegetables, fish, or poultry.
Snack: fruits or berries.
Dinner: cereals or vegetables. Cabbage, greens, and beans (slow down the appearance of wrinkles).

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