What is Ostarine? What effect does it have on the body? How much can you dial? All these and other issues we will consider in today’s review.

Osta Red is not a steroid or a prohormone. Osta Red is a SARM that acts similarly to testosterone in the body. Ostarine belongs to the class of “selective androgen receptor modulators”, in another way “SARMS”. What is SARMS and how they work is very little known. Today we will try to understand this with the example of Ostarine.

osta red review

Ostarine is considered to be the lightest SARMS drug. It is also called MK-2866 or Ostarol. Various sources contain information about him. In some, it is absolutely harmless and does not strike the body, in others, that it reduces the natural production of testosterone. We tested this drug and are ready to tell you the whole truth about it.

Ostarine was taken by us for 30 days at 30 mg per day best prohormones 2016. We chose Primeval Labs product called Osta Red. Why this company? Primeval Labs is a legal firm for the production of “working” components in another pre-training. If you have not tried this SARMS yet, it has its own factory and all its products pass quality control. Most other firms on the market produce trenbolone acetate kits SARMS in an underground manner, do not have certificates for products, but who and where they produce it, we are silent.

The Truth About Ostarine | SARMS For Gains | Tiger Fitness

We responsibly approached the Ostarine test and passed the tests before the beginning of the admission, to see how the hormonal background will change, to find out how harmful it is and how to reduce the side effects.

Testosterone decreased threefold from 5.56 to 1.84 ng / ml, which proves that SARMS is not harmless to the body and affects the hormonal background.

Estradiol, prolactin and progesterone also fell compared to the initial values ​​before the course, which is very good, because you will not have side effects such as gynecomastia, acne (acne) and skin greasiness. Also, Ostarine is ideal for taking anabolic steroids as an intermediate preparation in front of PCT in order to retain the typed muscle mass and strength. If you want to progress constantly, we recommend npp steroid profile that you follow the following scheme: the course of steroids (or prohormones) – the SARMS – PKT course osta red review.

The results of Ostarine intake were an increase in muscle mass (+2.5 kg), a slight increase in strength, an increase in strength endurance. Side effects, in addition to reducing the level of testosterone, were not noted.

Who can use Ostarine (Osta Red)?

We consider osterin an ideal drug for those who want to gain a little muscle mass with a minimum of side effects, as well as an excellent preparation for a smooth exit after a course of steroids, because it leads to normal hormones: estradiol, prolactin and progesterone, thereby on 1 / 2 facilitating PCT and exit from the course osta red bodybuilding.

What is better to use with or after Ostarine?

Together with Ostarine it is best to use creatine-containing supplements like creatine complexes CreAde or Creactor osta-red. They will help you to recover faster, build more muscle mass and strength.

If your goal is to burn fat, but at the same time keep the shape and build up a little muscle mass, then we recommend tren side effects that you use acid burners, namely Lipodrene, Red Wasp 25 or Asia Black 25. Thus, you will not lose muscle mass and burn excess fat.

After the Osta Red course, you are advised to buy drugs: A-HD Powder and Renewal HGH Spray.

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  • I use Ostarine as an additive to sports nutrition in bodybuilding. Effective drug in the recovery of ligaments, tendons and bone tissue, reducing fat mass in the body and building muscles. After taking Ostarine was very pleased.

  • I am familiar with sports pharmacology quite well, but for the first time I saw Ostarine. Therefore, I decided to conduct some experiments on myself and my closest acquaintances. As a result, I can share the following information – taking about 25-35 mg of this supplement within a month, I received excellent volumes and growth. The body felt quite good and naturally, there was no malaise or other side effects.

  • it seems that the side effects of Ostarine become noticeable at much higher dosages than I applied. Currently, Ostarine is my favorite SARMS, since because of the 24 hour half-life when it is taken, there is no need to drink the drug several times a day. According to my observations, dosages above 25mg / day did not lead to higher efficacy, and the risk of getting a side effect increased.

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