misc It used to be a fun place, you could post all sorts of nasty shit there, look at almost naked girls, talk about prohormones. Experienced bodybuilders often think about the following question: “How to continue to progress, training naturally?” This article will be devoted to this article, and we will also talk about the difference between training in natural bodybuilding from the training of bodybuilders using sports pharmacology.

What is natural bodybuilding?

Natural bodybuilding The very phrase “natural bodybuilding” sounds somewhat ridiculous. It’s like saying “natural athletics” or “natural boxing”. After all, almost all professional sports use sports pharmacology. Just people who do not understand the essence of this topic, listening to the opinion of the rest (as a rule, also incompetent people), they say for some reason only about bodybuilding. Probably, only because the difference in sports is noticeable visually in terms of muscle mass. But now not about this, let’s talk about our iron sport. An athlete who does not use steroids, regularly, strictly adheres to a diet, looks for something in all training schemes, something that suits him best, and will have the title “natural bodybuilder.” misc. But this does not mean that bodybuilders using pharmacology are mere slackers who eat fast food and walk around the clubs. Not at all, it’s just that their training is somewhat different from training in natural bodybuilding, as well as nutrition.

Differences between the “natural” and the chemist

What do these drugs provide for muscle building?

  • Damaged by heavy training muscles recover faster;
  • More abundant nutrition due to the fact that cells of striated muscle tissue, and not only, can consume more amino acids when using sports pharmacology of one kind or another;
  • Increased strength and, as a consequence, a large load on the muscles;
  • Possibility of overcoming the “genetic limit”.

Chemist, thanks to these drugs, can train more often, and the process of muscle growth will be much faster. In a person engaged in natural bodybuilding, after intensive training, a certain amount of anabolic hormones are released, which stimulate our muscles to grow (these hormones perform the same function as anabolic steroids) misc. But this impact will be insignificant, very slow and this is natural. The chemist will have it much stronger. Also, when a person approaches that very “genetic limit”, the release of anabolic hormones is significantly reduced, so the process of muscle building becomes extremely slow. But how to get out of this situation? You can either increase the number of anabolic hormones in your blood (possibly in a natural way, you do not have to resort to using steroids) or let the body rest a little and start training a little later (the principle of periodization) misc.

Pros and cons of natural bodybuilding


  • You do not need to spend money on pharmacology, which, by the way, can not always be of high quality;
  • You do not need to get involved with the so-called “black market” of sports pharmacology, although this is not necessary;
  • For your body, there is no risk of getting a “sore”;
  • Natural bodybuilding will give the chance to be fully proud of the achieved results because you have achieved them without additional “recharge”, we are talking about the results, and not about the appearance of “cubes” on the stomach.


  • You will have to train very long to achieve serious results;
  • You will never get those muscle volumes, like athletes taking steroids;
  • You have little chance of winning a bodybuilding competition;
  • You will have a desire to still “sit down” on the course.

Program of training for natural bodybuilding

Let’s look at the classic split program for bodybuilders involved in natural bodybuilding. The training plan will consist of three trainings per week:

Monday – back and triceps:

  • Pulling up a wide grip;
  • Thrust rod in slope;
  • Traction to the belt on the lower block;
  • Press by narrow grip;
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars;
  • French press bench.

Wednesday – chest, and biceps:

  • Bench press lying on an incline bench;
  • Press of dumbbells lying on an incline bench;
  • Wiring with dumbbells;
  • Lifting the bar to the biceps;
  • Hammers for biceps.

Friday – feet, and shoulders:

  • Squats with a barbell on the shoulders;
  • Foot press;
  • Deadlift;
  • Dumbbell press sitting;
  • Thrust rod to the chin by a wide grip;
  • Mahi dumbbells on the sides.

For each exercise, we perform 2 warm-up and 3 working approaches for 10-12 repetitions.

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  • 1. Ride on a roller!
    Before hardcore training with iron, prepare your muscles for the load. In the understanding of Inglish, this means falling to the floor and doing a series of exercises from the arsenal of myofascial release – this is such a self-massage with a special roller. This technique relaxes muscles, removes connective tissue from the nodes, improves blood circulation, promotes the development of flexibility and, most importantly, prevents injury.

    What to do Start self-massage with calf and thigh muscles. Gradually move higher, rolling the muscles of the front and back part of your body with a roller. Each muscle group should be rolled at least five times. If you are able to tolerate it (it will hurt!), Do not massage with a roller, but with a ball for lacrosse. It will be especially useful in treating the muscles of the chest and shoulder girdle. Perform the procedure within 10–15 minutes before and after each workout.

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