Most shredded bodybuilder ever!

The Very First

A year-old child is standing on the floor in his underwear. He holds a huge armchair on his outstretched arm. With such a picture, the first comic about Superman – a guy with unnaturally huge muscles that can move entire planets – began. In October 1938, four months after the release of the debut Action Comics with the story of Superman, another American baby, Larry Scott, was born in American Blackfoot. For the next ten years, the world around Larry will look like this: McCarthyists blame all the troubles of the Communists, the Cold War is gaining momentum, the two superpowers are working hard on atomic bombs in the sweat of their brow. Well, at the same time – the golden age of comics: Batman, Captain America, the Atomic Thunderer, and other relief heroes plowed the expanses of millions of children’s bedrooms most shredded bodybuilder. It was on the pages of the comic book advertising appeared one of the first in the world of bodybuilding training.

“Why be weak, if you can become strong?” – Asked the young readers of the pumped-up author of the training course Charles Atlas, smiling from the picture, like Superman. Larry vengeance was read comic books, and at 16 years for the first time appeared in the rocking chair. Then no one would have thought of calling it “Legend”, not even “Atomic Thunderer” – it was a canonical drisch with biceps 28 cm in diameter. In 1965, when Larry took the first in the history of “Mr. Olympia”, the man was already flying into space, and Larry got better – his biceps grew to 50 cm. The superhero of this note died in 2014 at the age of 75, when the next story of Superman – the cartoon “Justice League: War.”

Most Famous

Oh, how much coal was in childhood with little Arnold! Imagine: the Austrian village of Tal, not far from Graz. Another autumn. Dirty with coal, Arnie stands on a hill and thoughtlessly stares at the ruins of an ancient castle, which is located right here, in front of the dusty house of the future bodybuilder. “We’re going to drag coal into the basement, there’s nothing to be heated in the winter!” His father yells at him and knocks on the old wheelbarrow with a heavy police boot. They drag before dinner, and then, sitting at the table, the father tells about his everyday life – the work of a law enforcement officer. “On a black, stern night, this scoundrel throws himself at us with a knife” – something like that the head of the family yells passionately and probably spills soup on the tablecloth.

What would Arnold do after dinner? There is an idea – to carry coal. What would you, the reader, have done if you got dirty all week in something black? Shower, bath? Schwarzenegger wholeheartedly dreamed of washing more often most shredded bodybuilder, but this procedure was given to him hard. First, it was necessary to draw water from the well, which stood two kilometers from the house. When the bath filled (Arnold was sweaty and out of breath by that time), the father, then his mother, first showered, and next, exactly in the same muddy water, the future star of covers of magazines about bodybuilding was cleaning her body. Well, thanks to coal and water for the fact that Schwartz grew up hardy and habitual to difficulties: he won in various contests, became a movie star, then a politician (governor of the State of California in 2003-2011), then again a movie star …

But no gratitude to the main tormentor of his childhood – the fossil fuel that was formed from the remains of ancient plants – Arnold Gustavovich does not feel. Becoming a politician, Schwartz with all his huge hands took up the support of the Kyoto Protocol. Countries that have acceded to this international agreement undertake to reduce harmful environmental emissions to the atmosphere. And how would I do it? Well, for example, to reduce the consumption of coal – that’s what is written in this important document.

The Most Titled

The passenger plane rushes over the Atlantic Ocean, destination – Spain. The cabin is half dark, and in the armchair a huge passenger, a mobile mountain Elbrus, a grizzly bear in an official suit – an American Lee Haney, eight-time champion of “Mr. Olympia”, could hardly fit. Now, as a member of the World Bodybuilding Federation, he flies every day to the Madrid headquarters of the IFBB. He does not get used to the bureaucratic work, because he was under Bill Clinton for several years as chairman of the Presidential Council for Physical Culture and Sports of the United States.

And what else do the Giants do when they do not go out anymore, smeared with oil, under the spotlights? Lee Haney wrote two books (of course, in bodybuilding) and is now working on one more; starred in several documentary films; conducts the broadcast on Christian radio; owns a network of fitness clubs; and he also built and keeps at his own expense an orphanage-village (with a zoo, among other things).

And what do the mountain ranges think about in retirement most shredded bodybuilder? 55-year-old Haney looks out the window, there fly cirrus clouds, and they clearly can see deltoid muscles of rivals in his first “Mr. Olympia” in 1981. Here, at an altitude of 10,000 kilometers, the silhouettes of the Egyptian Mohammed Maccavi and the German Yusup Wilcock are clearly visible, taking second and third places: Hayney went around them easily then, and 7 years later (the last in 1991) became the winner of “Olympia” . This is a record that no other athlete has beaten yet. Ronnie Colman (MN wrote about him in February 2009) most shredded bodybuilder will only repeat the same result in 2005, 14 years after Hayney.

The Most Tied Up

Look, someone is pounding on a narrow street. Who is the most zealous? Yes, this is our Dorian, here he is courting the poor fellow with his feet. Hey, passer-by, you somehow screwed up your eyes oddly – get your fist in the nose. Woman, wait, I need to call you. 1976, the first skinheads step proudly through the streets of England most shredded bodybuilder, they listen to reggae and ska and carry knives in their pockets. When Dorian moved with his mother to live in Birmingham, he turned 14 years old – he immediately joined the local company of skinheads. While other children were sweating over the lessons at home, Dorian wandered around with his friends to clubs and arranged scuffles. In April 1981, there were riots in England. Oh, yeah, it’s a real holiday for a young and aggressive person.

Black inhabitants loudly protest against the police actions: cars flash brightly, showcases scattered on multi-colored fragments, law enforcement officers use tear gas for the first time in the history of the United Kingdom. Somewhere in the midst of this mess, Dorian is running around, beating and setting the fire. Then the riots will end (only in London, about 60 police cars were destroyed, two hundred buildings were damaged) and about 500 people will leave for prison – including 19-year-old Yeats. Half a year he will spend in prison and in the local stuffy hall he will start to pull the bar, which then will lead him to Olympus for bodybuilders. And now our hero is flaunting in photos and the good is smiling with the advertising of food additives. And that fierce period of youth on the site of the champion is now briefly described: “Dorian was in trouble and decided not to deal with bad things anymore”. Well, sort of like it does not.

The Freshest

Phil, the last one for today, “Mr. Olympia” most shredded bodybuilder, actually wanted to become a basketball player. At first, he did not even think about growing his neck like a bull and swinging his hips to the thickness of a lamppost. 15-year-old Phil, having laid his short body on the bed from birth, drew in imagination: he is Michael Jordan, he throws the victorious basketball into the ring … The heath looked enviously at the long TV towers, looked at the endless trunks of pines with wet eyes, could not break away from the three-meter fishing rod. Heath asked the higher powers to give him the best future in the world – to grow up a bit and play in one of the NBA teams. But Phil managed to get to only the student team of the Denver Institute.

Here to our hero of 23 years most shredded bodybuilder, the study is finished, and a measuring lath and has stood on 175 centimeters. And instead of growing in length, Phil decides to grow in breadth. To this, he suddenly reveals a great talent. He leans on dumbbells and barbells, grows on leaps and bounds (here Phil is nicknamed Dar), begins to win at all contests for bodybuilding in a row. And now, look: today the Heath is still not the most brilliant player in basketball, but his neck is 47 centimeters in girth (another question is who and why this is needed, but we will discuss this issue beyond the scope of this article). In September 2014, in the huge Las Vegas Convention Center (in Las Vegas), Phil was hanged for the fourth time on his chest medal “Mr. Olympia.” Descending from the pedestal, he told reporters: “I’m still growing. You have not yet seen my real muscles – look carefully next year. ”