The notion of “men’s physique”, which appeared relatively recently, attracted immediate attention Matt Ogus Cake. The International Federation of BodyBuilders (abbreviated IFBB) singled out the adherents of this training program in a separate category not so long ago, so the controversy about this innovation has not abated yet. Some gladly accepted this category, others, on the contrary, are wary and skeptical, considering the adherents of the Mens physicist not too diligent and slightly lazy.

Among sports fans who belong to the category of both spectators and those who wish to find and pump up a beautiful body, there are many people who admire the winners in this nomination. And if the newcomer decided to take the path of the Mens physicist, then the training program, which the adherents of this new direction in bodybuilding is engaged in, is called for.

Who are the Mens of Physics?

The term men’s physique sounds quite tricky, so to understand what is behind it, one should turn to the opinion of people who have the most direct relation to it. According to the participant in this category of bodybuilding Matt Ogus Cake, who is keen on first American football, and then joined the “beach party”, deciding to try his hand, the main advantage of the Mens physicist lies in the simplicity of this category.

And this corresponds to reality. For the men’s physique, there are no rigid frames at the time of the preparatory stage, and there is no arbitrary shape. The system is based on the fact that the athlete needs to be pumped up, dry for about 3 or 4 weeks, and then demonstrate the result achieved. Such a description may create a deceptive impression that it is easy and simple to engage in the physical exercise, and it was designed only for the lazy. It is not enough just to study the training program, go to the gym, go through the drying. If there is no basis from which you can create a beautiful and relief body, then you can simply forget about the physicist.

matt ogusDo it regularly. However, as Matt Ogus Cake says, unlike classical bodybuilding, the differences are cardinal. To enter the category of men’s physique, you do not need to have a weight of more than 100 kilograms. The main thing is to have a beautiful and relief body, the proportions of which fully correspond to growth. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of money to maintain the form in the off-season, rather than bodybuilders weighing 150 kilograms Matt Ogus bulk. Thus, men’s physique represents the first steps on the way to a career in bodybuilding, allowing you to gain experience in participating in competitions and so on.

Opponents of this trend, that is, fans of great bodybuilding, say that the muscles of physicists are too small in muscle size, thin legs. They do not like beach pants and shorts, and some also emphasize the fact that among the participants there are also representatives of minorities. Of course, in competitions for men’s physique, there are athletes with painted lips, eyelashes and eyes. This does not in any way affect the essence of the fact that only owners of athletes who are well-trained and athletic are allowed to compete.

Modern Mens physicist is a category of bodybuilders Matt Ogus Cake, much more in demand than large and powerful classic bodybuilders. They decorate the covers of fitness and women’s magazines, show clothes from world brands. Bodybuilders with a mountain of muscles can not wear fashionable clothes, not everyone likes them.

The main accents in the training program Mens physicist

matt ogus bulkHis category, as some people mistakenly believe, was not invented by Denis Gusev, but the IFBB was established, being in demand, and the athletes eligible for selection criteria came and started to compete. The popularity of this type of bodybuilding was promoted by the high demand of athletes of this format in the media Ogus cake.

Mens physicist fully invested in the existing requirements of fashionable glossy magazines and the world of fashion, which can not be said about weightlifters with a pile of muscles. Beach bodybuilders do not follow any method or program that guarantees 100% success. Of course, their criteria exist ogus cake. On the first place is always the aesthetics and proportions of the body and not a set of large masses, so the emphasis is exclusively on the basic exercises Matt Ogus bulk. This allows you to get the maximum anabolic response.

Main Accents

Shoulder girdle

Most of the time the beach people pay attention to the deltoid muscles. They form the width and proportions of the body of the athlete, including the waist. Therefore, this part of the body is given the most attention.

Slim Waist

Beach women do not include in their training exercises for the development of oblique muscles. In the training program does not include the dead lift. This is due to the fact that it leads to an extension of the waist and increases the back.

Calf muscles

Exit to competitions in shorts requires athletes to focus on the shins. Excellent indicators of the upper body and good proportions do not remain the only thing that draws the judge’s attention. Value is the volume, relief, and fullness of gastrocnemius muscles.

Mens physicist training program

There is no most effective approach. There is no single true program that would ensure guaranteed success. Most athletes approach the preparation of the training solely in terms of what exercises are useful for achieving the result. This is the secret of training Mens physicist. For beginners, who want to master the program, the following weekly split is suitable.