The drug is actively used in high-speed sports and power sports kali aesthetics, where it allows you to achieve really good results. But among the bodybuilders Winstrol is not particularly popular – it is used mainly for the final preparation for the competition when it is necessary to cut the recruited mass.

The main difference between Winstrol and other drugs based on stanozolol is that it is dissolved in water, and not in oil. This allows you to get a faster but less long-lasting effect from the action of the steroid. True, with this scenario, the injection will have to be done frequently and, perhaps, this is the main drawback for those who are thinking of acquiring Winstrol solo.


winstrolAthletes who want to remove excess water from the body, to cut after a cycle of more serious steroids, Winstrol usually choose. Buy a drug is not so simple, but it’s worth it. The cycle marked a significant improvement in the athlete’s strengths, and his stamina grows. Apply Winstrol and for burning fat – in this regard, he is one of the best drugs kali aesthetics. The drug contributes to an increase in appetite, which leads to a qualitative growth of muscles, rather than the accumulation of fluid.

Winstrol is effective and, at the same time, safe. It is not aromatized and is not toxic to the liver.


The drug is injectable and this is often associated with a lot of inconveniences. Especially when injections need to be made frequently. In the case of Winstrol, everything is exactly like that. To achieve a better result, injections are done daily or every other day with a cycle duration of 1.5 to 2 months.

In this case, the dosage is determined based on the goals’ aesthetics:

  • Winstrol solo daily dosage of 50 mg will help drive away excess fat, retaining muscle mass – an ideal option for preparation for the summer;
  • Winstrol solo dosage of 50 – 100 mg in combination with intensive training and proper rest and nutrition regimen will help beginners to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass;
  • Winstrol in combination with other steroids – ideal for training athletes, in which the quality of the mass is recruited, (the dosage depends on the combination chosen, however, in any case, the volume of daily injection of Winstrol is reduced).


aesthetics zyzzThe best results on the cycle are achieved by athletes who have picked up a good combination of steroids, which depends both on the level of the athlete’s preparedness and on his physical health.

In most cases, Winstrol is combined with Nandrolone. This combination allows you to significantly increase muscle mass while receiving high-quality musculature. This cycle lasts 7 – 8 weeks and requires PCT. Nandrolone is taken weekly with a volume of 200 mg, and Winstrol once every 2 days with a volume of 50 mg.

If the main task – cutting the mass, then choose a combination with Testosterone. 100 mg of testosterone and 50 mg of Winstrol every other day will allow you to receive a relief and beautiful musculature after 6 weeks.

Combined cycles are more expensive, but the effect kali aesthetics from them is more obvious. The issue of price and quality often comes to the fore when a man decides to start taking steroids.

Winstrol can be bought and cheap, but no one will guarantee you the quality of such a steroid. The ideal place for the first purchase of a steroid is our online store. We guarantee the quality of the products supplied and anonymity to all our customers.