Childhood and youth Kai Greene gut held in New York. However, he still lives there, huddling in a tiny rented apartment in far from the most respectable quarter. Green, in general, is a true ascetic. Neither the car nor the round bank account. All this mercantile fuss, says Green, distracts from the main thing. And the main thing is bodybuilding.

Kai Green, like many top-pro, was generously gifted with a natural talent to build strength and mass. He took up the dumbbells at 12 years old. The reason was banal. I wanted to become a great Kai Greene gut. And he quickly succeeded. At 18 years weighed 118 kg, stuck lying 227 kg, and squatted 360. Greene himself explains his phenomenal successes with rare persistence in achieving the goal: “I have always been. I’m very focused on the result. In school years, he sometimes even missed classes at school and ate and slept all day. ” Green’s competitive career began at the age of 14. Since 1994 he regularly performed in tournaments of various American federations, alternative NPCs, and won several titles, which, however, about nothing, I do not tell us. But the fact that already in 19 years he; put out 96 kg of “dry” muscles, and a year later – 105, causes respect.

In 1999, Kai Green came to the IFBB World Championship in Slovakia, where he took sixth place in heavyweight. At that time, his track record already included participation in 25 tournaments. What Green did for the next five years is not exactly known. In 2004, he won the TeamUniverse in the heavyweight and absolute championship and obviously decided that he was ready for the transition to the professionals of the IFBB, the Judges, who really did not know the guy – he never participated in either NPCNationals or NPCUSA, so did not count. Hence – a modest 14th place on NewYork Pro-2005. The following year, the results became even worse. Everything changed dramatically in 2007 when Green was immediately in sight. His third start that year at the Colorado Pro brought him the first victory.

In 2008, Kai first appeared on the Arnold Classic with a weight of 115.5 kg, which was a good 9 kilos more than a year earlier. He became the third after the future “Mr. Olympia” Dexter Jackson and Phil Heath. He lost in an equal fight, despite the fact that literally on the eve of the start he was unwell, and all preparation was forced to overcome the pain from a hernia. And “Olympia” -2008 Greene missed not because he was afraid to lose, but because of this hernia, whose operation was which was scheduled for the summer. As a result – a two-month break in training! What here “Olympia! “I looked at myself in the mirror,” Kai admits, “and could not believe how much I would not weigh in the offseason, I always saw my press and the” cut “on the hips Kai Greene gut. Where did all this go? I was interested: but can I ever regain the old look?”

And then help came to help Greene in the face of the greatest coach of all time, Charles Glass. At first, Charles consulted Green every day on the phone, and at the final stage of preparation, Green moved from New York to Los Angeles. “For the first time, I saw Charles in 2004, when I became the two-time absolute winner of UniverseTeam. Then we did not talk. But this time, when I approached Charles, I could not say a word at first, “Green acknowledges,” for me, he was an icon. ” Glass changed something in Green’s training and brought something new. For example, he suggested that he pump the entire body not in two days, but in four. And to force the development of pectorals due to bench presses with a stop. It’s like in powerlifting: you lower the bar to your chest, pause, and only then press. Joint work began to bear fruit. Yes, what! 12 weeks before the contest, Kai Greene gut, with a height of 172 cm, exceeded the mark of 135 kg, being noticeably “drier” than before at the same weight. More about steroid Nebido

Many believe that if Kai Green continues to grow at such a rate, then soon he will not be equal. In this regard, it is increasingly compared with Ronnie Coleman. Greene himself to such things refers to modestly: “Ronnie turned the notion of the possibilities of man. There is a lot of work ahead in order to somehow correspond to its level. ” In our opinion, Green is clearly modest. He is already an elite. And an additional confirmation of this was his brilliant victory in the super tournament “Arnold Classic” -2009. Written favorite Victor Martinez Green hit him with the same weapon – unrealistically worked hips and back.