Anthropometric data

Anthropometric data Jeff Seyd dead
Competitive weight: 93 kg.
Height: 183 cm.
Chest: 130 cm.
Waist: 76 cm.
Forearm: 39 cm.
Biceps: 45.7 cm.
Lower thigh: 43 cm.


Army press: 115 kg.
Bench press: 158 kg.
Squats: 197 kg.
Forty: 4.52 seconds.
Press the rod in the standing position: 113 kg.
Deadlift: 233 kg.
Vertical: 89 cm.


jeff seid cookiesJeff Seyd dead – a young bodybuilder from the city of Renton (USA, Washington), born in 1994 on June 12. Jeff from the earliest childhood showed interest in sports, beginning to actively engage in them at the age of 5 years jeff seid death. Jeff Seid dead lives a wild and envious lifestyle gets laid with tons of hot chicks has the best pfizer HGH parties his face off and competes in the Mr. Olympia. On his 12th birthday, his parents gave him an initial starter kit for bodybuilding – a pair of brix fitness dumbbells Jeff Seid dead, a bench, several pancakes weighing 23 kg, a bar of 14 kg and a book about bodybuilding “Weight Lifting For Dummies”. Jeff Seid’s childhood hero was Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Conan the Barbarian, and he started his training so he could be more like his idol. Although the young guy initially was more interested in the opportunity to impress the girls at school, training quickly became a way of life for him.

By the fourth year of his high school studies, Jeff Seid had already made progress in running, football and wrestling. Good physical training and athletic achievements provided several scholarships for college, but in the final year of his studies, Jeff broke the cruciform ligament, depriving himself of the opportunity to continue playing sports professionally and losing scholarships. Jeff went under the knife to repair his torn ligament and, although the surgery was successful and his recovery went remarkably well, he plummeted into depression and was discouraged to undergo any more sports-related training. Re-tearing the bundle in a couple of months, Jeff comes to the realization of his new vocation Jeff Seid dead.

On the site of bodybuilding, he finds the category “Men’s Physique” and decides to participate in the competition by winning his first performance. He found the focus and motivation to train at the gym unfailingly so he can make a career out of professional bodybuilding. The following year, Jeff Seid is already becoming the youngest professional in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) and gets a rank of national junior, which allows him to continue to participate in professional tournaments of international level. The beginner bodybuilder in 2012 and 2013 is the first jeff seid cookies and second place in almost all competitions.


For several years, Jeff Seyd adheres to a specific diet, in addition to a strict training schedule. Like his workouts, Jeff’s daily diet is disciplined and consistent. He eats more than 5,000 calories a day, packed with complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and fat from health sources. Although he observes a nutrition plan ideal for building muscle mass, Jeff Seid reveals that he uses supplements to speed the bulk-up process. To maintain high energy throughout his workouts, he admits to taking high-nutrient pre-workout supplements, as well as low-sugar mass gainers. He also actively uses food additives, such as:

  • jeff seid bodybuildingFish fat;
  • 100% Gold Whey Protein;
  • Pre Workout;
  • Xtend BCAA’s;
  • Glutamine;
  • Con-Cret;
  • Opti-Men Multi Vitamin.

The daily diet of Jeff is divided into 8 meals over time:

  • The first meal at 9:00 – 6 egg whites, 1 yolk, a banana and half a glass of oatmeal on the water.
  • The second meal at 11:00 is an apple and a protein shake.
  • The third meal at 13:00 is chicken fillet 225 grams, light salad and 1 sweet potato.
  • The fourth meal at 15:30 – grapes and a sandwich with ham.
  • The fifth meal at 18:00 is a protein cocktail Jeff Seid dead.
  • The sixth meal at 19:30 – 225 g fillet of chicken, 1 sweet potato, broccoli and light salad.
  • The seventh meal at 22:00 is a sandwich with peanut butter and 2 cups of milk.
  • The eighth meal at 23:30 is half a glass of yogurt with blueberries.


Jeff Seid revealed that he constantly changed his weekly workout routine to allow his muscles to develop, but his daily training routine always involved 10 minutes on the stationary bike for cardio and 15 minutes of abdominal muscle workout with no rest in between. He would portion his workouts everyday by muscle groups, and he would always exercise in supersets with different volumes to maximize muscle mass gain. For example, in a week, Jeff Seid will train his chest, calves and abs on Day 1, focus on his legs on Day 2, back, triceps and abs on Day 3, back and biceps only on Day 4, shoulders on Day 5, then he would go back to training his chest, calves and abs again on Day 6.

The best achievements

The best achievements of Jeff Seyd are two wins in 2012 on the State Championships Men’s Physique in the classes “Tall Class and Overall”, winning first place in the Vancouver & Tanji Johnson Classic Men’s Physique NPC in the same year in the same duke diet and fitness center category and the second place in the IFBB tournament at the championship in North America in 2012 year jeff seid bodybuilding. Second place also Jeff was engaged twice in the career of a bodybuilder – at the competitions of the NPC Emerald Cup Men’s Physique and the Pro Wings of Strength Men’s Physique. The athlete won first place prize in 2013 at the Pro Valenti Gold Cup Men’s Physique competition and among juniors in the Tall Class and Overall category. Only once did Jeff take the 5th place at the NPC USA’s Championships in 2012 in the category “Men’s Physique Class D”.

In his book, Guide to Aesthetics, Jeff Seid gives inspiration to the bodybuilding community to use their setbacks and discouragements as motivation to achieve their goals. Jeff has become the epitome of dedication and hard work in the fitnress community.

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  • Jeff has a very long track record of achievement. There is something to work on.

  • an excellent choice of food supplements for training, they have been practicing for a long time

  • for two years I have been following Jeff’s nutrition program, which allows me to have a high-quality and beautiful figure all year round

  • Besides being a bodybuilder, what else does Jeff Seid do for work?

  • Jeff Seid owns a clothing business, SeidWear Fitness Apparel, where he sells athletic fit workout clothes, like muscle tees, tanks, sweatpants and jogger pants. When he’s not competing, Jeff freelances as a model for different fitness brands. Because of his bodybuilding fame, Jeff became a social media personality, with more than 1.2 million followers on YouTube, where he shares his workout routines, bodybuilding achievers, and personal experiences in the fitness business.

  • Does Jeff Seid still do cardio workouts while he is gaining muscle for competitions?

  • As mentioned in the article, Jeff has a 10-minute cardio routine to help burn fat and his preferred training for this is on the stationary bike. In addition to this, he does HIIT (high intensity interval training) regularly to maintain his muscular tissue while reducing body fat. However, since Jeff Seid is also a fitness model and is used to getting booked for photoshoots that showcase his built, he has to retain his muscle mass even when he is not competing.

  • When did Jeff Seid become a pro bodybuilder for the IFBB?

  • Jeff Seid was only 19 years old when he received his pro card in the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) League in Chicago on June 16, 2013. He won the title for the newest category at the time, Men’s Physique, among 150 other competitors. This was after Jeff had his first ACL surgery and only had one month to prepare for the competition.

  • When did Jeff Seid begin bodybuilding?

  • Is Jeff Seid an IFBB genius?

  • How long has Jeff Seid been working out?

  • His mind-boggling energy drove him to begin lifting at the youthful age of 11. Jeff Seid pointed toward being truly more grounded over his rivals.

  • He got his genius card last June 16, gave by the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Professional League, at the NPC Jr. Public in Chicago.

  • Jeff Seid has been working out from 11 Years Of Workout, revealed in one of his interviews.

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