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To pump up muscles and become stronger, you need to master just five basic exercises and find a bar and bench.

This program is well suited for both beginners and athletes Jason Blaha’s girlfriend who has returned to power sports after a long break. Its main advantage is simplicity.

What is the essence of the training program?

The program consists of five exercises:

  1. Squat with a bar on the back: 5 sets of 5 times.
  2. Bench press: 5 approaches 5 times.
  3. Deadlift: 1 approach 5 times.
  4. Press the rod standing: 5 approaches 5 times.
  5. Rod rod in tilt: 5 approaches 5 times.

Of these exercises are two workouts:

  • Training A: squats, bench press, rod in slope.
  • Training B: sit-ups, bench presses standing, deadlift.

You practice three times a week and constantly alternate workouts A and B Jason Blaha Layne Norton.
Between two workouts, rest at least one day.

Here is an approximate schedule of workouts for the week:

  • Monday: training session A.
  • Tuesday: rest.
  • Wednesday: training B.
  • Thursday: Rest.
  • Friday: training session A.
  • Saturday and Sunday: rest.

Next week you start with training B.

To avoid skipping workouts and easier to track your progress Jason Blaha’s girlfriend, you can download the StrongLifts 5 × 5 application. In it, there is a schedule with exercises that you can customize for yourself. You note the completed approaches and repetitions right during the training, after which the rest timer turns on.

Also in the application, there is a video with the technique of exercises Jason Blaha Layne Norton, the history of training, and after the first three sessions, you can track progress.

In the paid version there is a schedule of warm-up approaches, a pancake calculator, integration with Google Fit and “Health” (iOS), the ability to mark approaches without removing the screen lock.

From what weight to begin

If you are already familiar with the exercises and doing them with the right technique, choose the maximum weight with which you can perform five sets of five repetitions Jason Blaha’s girlfriend.

If the exercises for you are new or you have not done them for a very long time, first take half of your fivefold high or even less:

  • Squats, bench press, standing press: 20 kg (bar of the bar without pancakes).
  • Deadlift: 40 kg (hang on the neck two pancakes of 10 kg).
  • Thrust rod in slope: 30 kg (hang on the neck two pancakes of 5 kg).
  • In the first weeks, you will be very easy, but the weight will increase rapidly.

In four weeks you will be squatting with a weight of 30 kg more, squeeze 15 kg more from your chest.

Begin crouching with the neck on the back, and you can reach 100 kg in 12 weeks Jason Blaha Layne Norton.

How to increase weight

Squats. If you were able to perform five repetitions in all five approaches, next time add 2.5 kg – small pancakes of 1.25 kg on each side. If you could not make five repetitions, continue to work with this weight until you can.
Bench press, barbell standing, Jason Blaha girlfriend rod pull to the waist in the slope. Men add 2.5 kg, women – 1 kg each.

Deadlift. Add 5 kg – 2.5 kg on each side. The deadlift uses more muscle, so you can increase weight faster.
If there are no pancakes in the hall of 1.25 kg, buy your own and wear them for training.

How to warm-up

Before training does not get carried away cardio: it can tire the muscles of the legs before squats. Three or five minutes of fast walking or quiet running will be enough.

If you do exercises with an empty neck Jason Blaha novice, you do not need warm-up approaches, because the weight is too light. You can do two sets of five air squats.

When you approach the heavier weights, warm-up sets are mandatory. They allow you to warm up the target muscles and test your technique.

  • Do two warm-up approaches five times with an empty neck. After that, add 10-20 kg and do 2-3 times until you reach your working weight.
  • Do not rest between warm-up approaches. Pause only after them Jason Blaha, before starting the approach with working weight.

Why is this training program effective?

Several factors make the 5 × 5 programs very effective:

  1. Free weights. You have to maintain balance, which also loads the muscles.
  2. Minimum equipment. You just need a barbell and a bench, so you can carry out 5×5 in any gym or even in the garage.
  3. Multi-joint exercises. Basic exercises involve more muscles and, as a result, allow you to lift more weight.
  4. Easy beginning. Lightweights at the first training allow you to check the technique and avoid injuries.
  5. Intensity. Training is heavy but short. You finish before the onset of fatigue and therefore always keep the concentration.
  6. Progressive overload. Constant weight gain causes your body to adapt more quickly. Muscles become larger, bones and tendons are stronger.
  7. A clear plan and confidence. You know what to do at each workout, and are confident that the program is working.
  8. Excitement. You are wondering how much weight you can reach, how long can you increase your weight. This adds excitement and makes many challenge themselves.
  9. Simplicity. You do not have to invent, search, and select. You once master the technique, and then just add weight.

The program has no restrictions on sex. It is suitable for different ages, including healthy teenagers and people after 40 years of age.

Of course, this program will not like everyone. For example, if you like diversity, the five exercises that are carried out day in and day out will quickly bore you. In the end, you lose motivation and quit training.

If you like constancy and need a clear plan of action, 5 × 5 is ideal for you and will help to achieve good results.

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  • The program is designed for natural bodybuilders (non-pros) who want the fastest possible results in building muscle mass (there is also a version for drying). You must be a newbie. You are a beginner if your bench press / squat / deadlift is less than 100/140/180 kg, respectively. If you swing for 3.5 years, and your squat has not reached 140 kg and you are not a dwarf – no matter how advanced you consider yourself, you are a beginner. This program will take you up to the amateur level in 6-12 months (* on the mass pickup version, the proportions of strength between exercises and the speed of reaching these numbers will vary depending on your genetic data and weight). Although the program is not suitable for powerlifting, the main indicator of the result in it is strength.

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