Is my boyfriend on steroids ? Seven major visual signs, allowing easy and quick to determine whether the athlete used anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass.

1: Too sharp change in shape

Theoretically, to gain 10 kilograms of muscle in a few months is possible without steroids. However, in practice, such figures reach only 18-year-olds with a naturally high level of hormones, just started strength training and enhanced nutrition.

If a person was engaged in the gym for many years without changing the figure, but then he began to gain a lot of muscle mass, explaining this with a “new training program” and “sports nutrition”  – probably he does not finish the whole truth.

2: Upper and lower body disparities

my boyfriend is on steroidsThe upper body has more androgen receptor-sensitive hormones than the lower one. Only a few cycles of steroids are enough to make the latissimus muscles of the back, trapezium and shoulders significantly increase in size. In this case, the legs grow worse.

A wide back and powerful trapezes against the background of weak pectoral muscles and thin legs indicate that the athlete either takes steroids, or trains extremely and extremely wrongly. In addition, steroids have little effect on the muscles of the cortex, leaving the waist too thin.

3: Mismatch of bones and muscles

The thickness of bones is almost impossible to change in adulthood. The huge muscles of the arms and legs against a background of thin enough wrists and ankles are a sure enough sign that the musculature was recruited not through training, but with the help of chemical support.

In this case, the tendons and ligaments also remain weak, but the muscles reinforced with steroids force to train with a large working weight, causing serious overload. This is very likely to guarantee problems with joints after 50 years of age.

4: Strange press

The use of anabolic steroids is my boyfriend on steroids, insulin and growth hormone leads to the fact that not only muscle tissue increases, but internal organs also grow. Having become larger, they begin to press on the abdominal wall, causing the stomach to literally fall out.

If with the powerful and relief abdominal muscles of the press the upper part of the abdomen seems to fall out – this is a fairly serious sign that a person could use synthetic growth hormone. However, he can and simply have stocks of internal fat.

5: Acne

An artificially elevated level of testosterone often leads to abnormalities of the sebaceous glands and increased secretion of sebum. The result is the appearance of problems with skin and acne (acne) is my boyfriend on steroids. Especially strongly from this usually suffers a back.

The sharp appearance of acne in adulthood indicates either great stress, or a sharply worsened diet, or the use of steroids. If skin problems appear against the backdrop of muscular growth, this unambiguously reveals the use of chemistry.

6: Changing the shape of the nipple

One of the main side effects of androgenic drugs is the so-called “gynecomastia” – a change in the shape of the nipple, consisting in an increase in the glandular tissue of the mammary glands. Visually this is expressed in the fact that the nipple swells substantially.

If the athlete’s nipples are visibly enlarged against a background of a dry and tight body and look the same as that of a fairly full man, this is 95% more likely to indicate that a person has taken a course of taking steroids my boyfriend is on steroids. The remaining 5% are genetic features.

7: Stretching

Too fast growth of muscles, caused by the use of anabolic steroids, often provokes the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, as it does not have time to adapt to such an active increase and literal growth of muscles.

If stretch marks are characteristic for thin people on the abdomen and on the hips, the athletes taking steroids give out stretches on the upper part of the chest and on the biceps. In this case, if the stretch marks do not pass themselves, you can get rid of them only by plastic surgery.