A huge number of young people have started going to gyms in recent years. Honestly, I am very pleased with the fact that nowadays it has become fashionable to have a beautiful muscular body. Look at the mores of today’s youth, where almost no walk around the city is complete without beer or something stronger. But! Now this is not a sign of toughness (misunderstanding of teenagers). Now it’s cool to be at least pumped up.

Unmatched Muscle Growth

Girls love tough guys! Girls love men with muscles! I think no one will deny it? And a huge number of boys come to the gym for this very purpose. They want to be cool, they want to please girls, they want to become self-confident, and catch the admiring glances of the opposite sex on themselves.

But to desire is not to be! Muscle growth is not easy to stimulate. The guys come to the gym, dreaming of pumping up, but, honestly, they are engaged in such nonsense that sometimes, it really becomes a pity for all their efforts. They don’t understand a simple fact – just going to the gym won’t pump them up. Muscle pain the day after training doesn’t mean they are doing everything right. The right system is needed for the result! And a simple twitching on all kinds of simulators will not add muscle. But many do not want to understand this.

You don’t have to do any super headstand exercises. Muscle growth is triggered ONLY by hard basic exercises, each of which is performed no more than once a week, or even less often.

ways to build muscles fast

The Main Way to Build Muscles Fast

Basic exercises are those that involve a large number of muscle fibers and muscles that are “large” in volume.

For example, the basic exercises for pumping the chest, growing the muscles in this area, are the bench press and push-ups on the uneven bars. For the back – deadlift, pull-ups on the bar, and shrugs with a barbell. For the legs – squats with a barbell and leg presses on the machine.

Basic exercises that stimulate the growth of strength involve several large muscle groups in parallel and simultaneously. Each such large muscle group is associated anatomically with small muscles. In general, the action of the basic movement is very large-scale.

The opposite of basic exercises, basic strength gains, are isolated exercises that involve a small number of muscle fibers and minor “small” muscles.

The effect of basic exercises on growth cannot be compared with isolated ones, for example, pulling the block to the bottom, lifting dumbbells for biceps and similar nonsense, which just beginners are constantly engaged in.

You go to any gym, and you will always observe the same picture: the less muscle mass a guy has, the more persistently he “hammers” his muscles with all sorts of isolated exercises, naively believing that, for example, puffing with perseverance on crossovers, you can pump up pectoral muscles, stimulate mass growth! Nonsense and more! The overwhelming majority of young people are doing just that. With enthusiasm and shine in their eyes, they rush to all kinds of simulators, perform 10-12 exercises per workout. As a result, they overtrain physically and mentally, depleting both their muscles and their will. And then they leave the gym forever in deep disappointment. This is how the everyday life of any gym goes by: some come, others, not getting the result they need, leave.

The most annoying thing is that guys, in order to build muscle, train very, very hard. Each of their training runs to the limit. That would be the zeal and direct it in the right and right direction! The effectiveness of training is not measured by sweat, but by the result.

Understand that all these simulators that promise to build muscle in a short time, crossovers, deadlifts and blocks (in short, isolated exercises) are needed only for those who have already decently gained total body weight. And then comes the “undermining” of the muscles and the correction of minor defects. All the same, newcomers now and then are engaged in “undermining”, although they still have absolutely nothing to undermine, except that the bones are already sticking out in all directions!

Your desire to build muscle in a short time is the road to nowhere. And she’s useless. Instead of squatting, bench presses, and deadlifts, beginners work their biceps all over the place. And at the same time they dream of pumping up muscles.

It is impossible to develop any one part of the muscles, to stimulate the growth of muscles of one group, without affecting the entire body. If you dream of powerful biceps, then check out the following formula: in order for your biceps to increase by 5 centimeters, you will have to increase approximately 12-15 kilograms of total lean body mass. And biceps curls will not help you with this. Between the growth of the biceps there is a direct relationship with the growth of general musculature.

Think for yourself. Do you really think that if, for example, your weight was 70 kilograms and you gained 20 more, your biceps will remain the same ?! Not! Your biceps will grow by 5-7 centimeters due to muscle growth. And this despite the fact that you will not do a single bicep curl!

All musculature should grow. And for this it is necessary to pump exactly the largest muscle groups, which include the legs, buttocks, back and chest. They account for 2/3 of the total muscle mass of the body. If these muscle groups grow, everyone else will grow.

Prioritize yourself. Why did you come to the gym? In order to build muscle ?! Or in order to “undermine” your bones ?! I think you will choose the first option. Then why the hell are you doing ballet and rhythmic gymnastics in the gym ?!

The key to success is in the daily growth of strength and, as a result, the daily increase in mass. And you can increase strength only with basic training, long rest, good recovery, and, of course, a well-designed methodological program.

Our body is a constant physiological process. If you know the physiology, your path will be easy.

The body does not need to try to deceive by deceiving the growth of mass, or somehow adjust it for itself. On the contrary, you just need to obey and accept the natural laws by which he lives! And that’s it! All you need is to correctly direct the levers and use them to influence. No matter how smart you are, you still will not be able to fight the nature of the organism. There are clear laws, following which you will achieve success in a short time.

basic rules of build muscles fast

Muscle Mass Growth and Basic Development Rules

  • Accept for the truth that if you dream, for example, to pump up powerful hands, this does not mean that you only need to pump them until the eyes darken. Understand that there is a certain physiological relationship between muscle volume, weight gain and body weight. Let’s say, if you weigh 80 kg, you can’t have hands of 50 centimeters in any way. But if your weight is somewhere around 110 kg, then this is quite real.
  • Muscle grows in proportion to the increase in total lean body mass. Therefore, this should be your first task. If you go the other way, you will not build decent muscles.
  • No matter how grueling workouts you do, and no matter how much sweat you shed, your mass will not grow if training weights do not grow.
  • The increase in mass, as a rule, is proportional to the increase in strength indicators.
  • Muscle strength, and therefore muscle mass, grows only if you get enough rest between workouts. Going to the gym without fully recovering will not bring you even a gram of muscle mass, no matter how heavy you lift. Therefore, training 3 times a week will not allow you to progress in gaining mass. For full recovery, you need to rest for at least 3-4 days between workouts.
  • The key to success is the cycling of loads. Only this technique will allow you to CONSTANTLY increase strength, stimulate the growth of strength, muscle tissue and CONSTANTLY gain muscle mass.
  • The basis of workouts for gaining mass should be ONLY basic exercises. Isolated exercises will only throw you back, as you will simply waste the energy that you need in the main exercises.
  • The statement that the more you “hammer” a muscle, pump up muscles, the faster it will grow, is a GREAT delusion !!! The muscle must receive just enough load to start the process of its growth. No more, no less. If she receives more, this, on the contrary, will negatively affect her growth, since she will deplete her biochemical resources, which in this case will not be left for her growth.
  • Muscle does not grow during exercise, but during rest.
  • Eating like a chicken is a chicken! Weight gain is only possible with a balanced and proper diet. To grow muscles, you need to eat a lot. Muscle is made of protein, so protein is needed to grow. Protein is the building block of muscle. Carbohydrates are our energy and strength.
  • If you are used to having breakfast with tea and a sandwich, you may not even think about increasing the mass! Breakfast is the main meal of the day as it sets the tone for the day. You should get a decent serving of the protein, carbohydrates, fats and minerals your body needs. If the food is “student”, consisting of instant noodles and the like, not a single method, even the best one, will give a good result.
  • The right method + adequate rest for recovery + long and sound sleep (at least 8 hours a day) + natural and balanced nutrition = your success.
  • High-quality, but not necessarily expensive, sports pharmacology will also be a reliable aid on the path to success.

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