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Methane, danabol, anabol, clenbuterol and other steroids from Thailand for bodybuilding, bodybuilding and hairlifting

In Thailand, steroids are sold in large quantities in pharmacies, they are said to be completely legal in Thailand. The main advantage of Thai steroids is their originality, although there are fakes, but most of them are original steroids.

You can buy steroids, anabolic steroids, deck drugs and other farm for Thailand from Thailand, I send them directly from Thailand by air mail with tracking to track the package. The parcel can be tracked on the website, in tracking you will definitely see that your parcel is sent from Bangkok or Pattaya. Shipping cost $ 40 for each parcel to almost any city in the world.

Tab nameTab nameTab name

Usually, parcels go through customs without problems, they haven’t been detained by customs from Thailand yet, but no one can guarantee you 100% customs clearance. Everyone who writes that guarantees 100% customs clearance is lying brazenly.

Parcel usually takes 2-4 weeks, sometimes 6 weeks, but rarely. 2-3 days from them it goes across Thailand, further already by mail of Russia. I send my heartfelt greetings to the post of Russia and the Russian customs, I hope you someday will work quickly.

I buy steroids in a large legal pharmacy that has a license, a good warehouse with the right storage conditions. You should not order steroids from people who write that they have direct deliveries from manufacturers, if this is not a large network of pharmacies then this is a lie, manufacturers will load tablets from hundreds of thousands of pieces and will never work with a small dealer.

I never send pills loose, in parts, in opened cans or broken packages. Never buy pills in bulk, take care of your health. For all requests, sell me half a can of anabola, I refuse.

I always check the expiration date, and you can be sure that you will receive steroids from Thailand for 1-3 years.

Is it cheaper to buy steroids from Thailand? Most likely more expensive, but here you are 100 percent sure that the original will come to you, and not a fake.

The market of fakes – this year I learned a little about the market of fake steroids and it is very large, the number of fakes estimates from 50% to 80% on the black market. Unfortunately, steroids are banned in Russia and the entire market is black. That is, at least every second bank of steroids purchased in Rush is a fake or a copy. At the beginning of this year, I received a letter with an offer to buy 10,000 empty cans of anabolic, which will then be dispensed with unknown, at best sterile placebo. This month came a request for caps and packaging for bubbles with injection steroids for 1000 pieces of each item, it terrified me even more. Never buy steroids in Belarusian or Ukrainian stores, they are the main breeding grounds for fakes and it is from there that strange requests for packaging come.

Can you advise what to take? My opinion is that taking steroids or not everyone’s private business, I myself do not accept them and I cannot give advice on reception. I recommend to contact my colleagues or sports doctor, I wouldn’t trust Internet consultations.

Are there any side effects? Any steroids have side effects, the original ones are quite predictable, there may be any fakes. When taking it is important to know in advance all about the side effects, to combine the preparations in order to minimize them, to follow the correct diet and to consult a sports doctor.

You can contact me via e-mail, I never write the first one, if someone wrote to you on my behalf and offered to buy steroids, be sure they are a fraudster (there were already precedents).

When ordering, full prepayment is valid in one of the ways

Sending occurs within 3 days.

All injectable steroids are sold in vials of 10 ml each. Concentration per ml. is indicated as a number after the name in mg. I do not send steroids in ampoules.

Can you buy me steroids and transfer me from in Thailand. No, I can not, in principle, do not meet on such issues. I recommend that you go to the pharmacy yourself and buy steroids, it is very simple.

Which pharmacy is better to buy? Here I advise you to look at legal pharmacies with a license in tourist areas, usually the license hangs in a prominent place. The pharmacy should be cool from the air conditioner. In illegal pharmacies, they usually always sell by-products, such as Coca Cola, sunglasses, caps, candy bars, in such pharmacies it is better not to buy anything.

Should I take steroids and other farm products from Thailand with me on the plane? I would never take steroids with me on an airplane that carry them in bulk, hide it in all sorts of things. I personally am not ready to go to prison or have problems with the law on such simple things that can be avoided. Always send steroids to yourself by mail.

Should I go to do bodybuilding in Thailand? Definitely yes, there is cheap life, fresh and varied food, steroids and sports nutrition are available right in pharmacies. Now we have Denis in the condo who came just for this. Well, from time to time people ask me about the whereabouts of gyms and housing for a trip to practice before bodybuilding competitions.

When taking decks, anabolic steroids, the diet is primary, and pharma is secondary. Remember if you do not adhere to a strict and conscious diet, steroids will not help you, if you do not know the content of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and other things in your food, then you have not grown to pharmacy and your results will be deplorable, how much testosterone you can eat, muscle is not enough muscle and will not appear. Before using pharmaceuticals, you should think very well and study the materiel. If you have not had a few years of natural workouts with a well-thought diet, then chemistry is not for you. If you are just starting to swing, I recommend reading theory. One of the best and correct forums is, one of the most incorrect ones is.

Anabolic steroid manufacturers

Thai steroids manufacturers are  SB LABORATORIES (produces clenbulol, di-anabol, oxan, oxytone, premo, stanzol) steroids from SB are among the most expensive and high-quality, so I would rate all pharmaceutical chemistry from  SB LABORATORIES as premium steroids for price and by reviews. I would refer the manufacturer British Dragon or British Pharmaceuticals to the black list, many people ask for their drugs, but they don’t sell them in legal pharmacies, and a consultant from the warehouse said that British Dragon is banned in Thailand, I recommend never buying any steroids from British Dragon health is dear to you. The following manufacturer of authorized Thai anabolic steroids is  BRITISH DISPENSARY (produced by Anabol, Androlic, Azolol)Anabol and Androlic are most often ordered from him , he would also refer to high-quality and proven manufacturers. Another good manufacturer of Thai steroids, Body Research (manufactured by Bonavar, Stanol), is also a quality producer. The Thai steroid manufacturer injections THAIGER PHARMA GROUP (manufactured by Veboldex, Dexxa, Prosten, Venajectand others) is also popular. The next manufacturer of jock soundboards in Thailand is  March Pharmaceuticals and the most popular steroid in it is Thai   Danabol DS (Danabol DS) popularly also called DS methane from Thailand. Unigen Life Sciences Thai manufacturer of injection steroids  Nandro 250,  Depot-test 250,  Test-comp 250. 

It was all Thai manufacturers, and now not much about non-Thai.    LA Pharma Srl is another popular steroid producer from India, makes  Letromina,  Rexobol 10,  Altamofen (tamoxifen – tamoxifen – so the tits don’t grow, it’s gino) and others. The second manufacturer from China,  Maxpro Pharma, makes  Equipoise 250,  Masteron 100,  Winstrol 75 .  The third manufacturer also from India,  Alpha Pharma produces a wide range of oral steroids:  Alphabol CR,  Turinabol ,  Oxydrolone ,  Oxanabol and others.

Preparations for PCT (post course therapy): there is definitely Altamofen from alpha pharma,  which is also an analogue of clomiphene and   tamoxifen , as well as ovinum on  Clomiphene Citrate . There is anazole from alpha pharma armidex analogue, anastrazole.

The price of proven steroids and anabolic steroids from Thailand are popular for ordering (verified means that they were ordered two or more times and there are no complaints about them):

Anabol – Anabo l active ingredient Methandienone – methandienone is the most popular on order analog of methane 1000 tablets at 5mg – $ 115

Stanzolol Stanozolol 5 (LA) active ingredient Stanozolol – stanzolol 200 tablets 5mg each – $ 80

Oksan SB – Oxan SB active ingredient Oxandrolone – oxandrolone 50 tablets of 10mg – $ 100

Premo Sat – premo SB active ingredient Methenolone – Methenolone 30 tablets 25mg each – $ 115

Clenbulol – Clenbulol active ingredient Clenbuterol Hydrochloride – Clenbuterol Hydrochloride 200 tablets of 20mcg – $ 80

Androlic – Androlic active ingredient Oxymetholone – Oxymetholone 100 tablets of 50mg – $ 115

Primabolic – Primabolic (GB) active ingredient Methenolone Acetate – Methelone Acetate 50 tablets 25mg each – $ 130

Thai Danabol DS – Danabol DS with active ingredient   Methandrostenolone – Metandrostenolone   500 tablets 10mg – $ 80 is also very popular for ordering.


Price list for popular injectable steroids from Thailand:

Equipoise 250 – Boldenone undecylenate – $ 100

Winstrol – Winstrol 75 – Stanzolol – $ 100

Fendex – Phendex 275 – Nandrolone mix – $ 100


Also available is the farm list for jocks in the form of oral steroids (pills), the active substance is indicated after the name of the steroid:

    • Di-anabol-10 Methandenone
    • Oxan SB Oxandrolone
    • Premo SB Methenolone
    • Stanzol SB Stanzol
    • Clenbulol Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
    • Oxytone 50 Oxymtholone
    • Danabol DS Methandrosternolone
    • Anabol Methandienone
    • Androlic oxymetholone
    • Primabolic (GB) Methenolone Acetate
    • Azolol Stanozolol
    • Oxandrolone (GB) Oxandrolone
    • Bonavar (Body Research) oxandrolone
    • Stanozolol 5 (LA) Stanozolol
    • Eltroxin (Glaxo) Thyroxine Sodium
    • T3-Cytomel (LA) Liothyronine Sodium
    • Clenbuterol (LA) Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
    • Proviron (Schering) Mesterolone
    • Ovinum Clomiphene Citrate
    • Stanol (Body Research) Stanozolol
    • Letromina letrozole
    • Rexobol 10 Stanzolol
    • Altamofen tamoxifen
    • Mastoral Methyl-Drostanolone
    • Provibol Mesterolone
    • Astralean Clenbuterol
    • Oxanabol oxandrolone
    • Oxydrolone anadrol
  • Thyro 3 Liothyronine Sodium

You can also buy injections – steroids from Thailand,   after the name of the steroid the active ingredient is indicated:

    1. D-Bol 100 Methandienone
    1. Cypionate 200 Testosterone Cypionate
    1. Equipoise 250 Boldenone undecylenate
    1. Masteron 100 Drostanolone Di-Propionate
    1. MX-197 Trenbolone, Decanoate and Sustanon
    1. Primobolan 100 Methenolone Enanthate
    1. Propionate 200 Testosterone Propionate
    1. Winstrol 75 Stanzolol
    1. Depot-test 250 Testosterone Enanthate
    1. Test-comp 250 Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocarproate, Testosterone Decoanate
    1. Finexal 100 Trenbolone Acetate
    1. Veboldex 200 Boldenone Undecylnate
    1. Remastril 100 Drostanolone Propionate
    1. Dexxa 200 Nandrolone Decanoate
    1. Prosten 100 Testosterone Propionate
    1. Phendex 275 Nandrolone mix
    1. Cytex 250 Testosterone Cypionate
    1. Venaject 50 Stanzolol
    1. Primoprim 100 Methenlone Enanthate
    1. Su 250 Testosterone mix
  1. Retarden 250 Testosterone Enanthate