Dana Linn Bailey Before and After Anabolic Steroids, Insulin, and HGH

One of the best bodybuilders of the world, nicknamed “Deltasavr”, has a strong character and will. Dana is known among the Internet audience as the author of the video blog for bodybuilding and fitness on YouTube and in social networks. Today in its instagram 1.9 million subscribers. The girl actively share her personal experience and promotes sports.

Childhood and youth

dana linn baileyDana Linn Bailey was born on 30.05.1983 in the state of Pennsylvania, the city of Reading. Already in 5 years, parents gave the baby to swim. A little later the girl began to play classical football, softball, tried herself in athletics and hockey. Sometimes she had to visit two sections at the same time. Dana managed to combine sports loads and studies, and everywhere and be in the forefront. After entering the university, the girl was invited to the University team of West Chester Football Dana Linn Bailey before and after. Until she got carried away advantages and disadvantages of circuit training with power sports, up to the 4th year she played defense and was the favorite of the coach. One day, her bodybuilding boy invited me to watch the training. Since then, the girl “sat down” on bodybuilding and all her free time devoted to work in the hall. Dana understood that the iron sport helps to physically improve, temper the character, and discipline.

dana linn bailey before

dana linn bailey before steroids

dana linn bailey before gym

Key wins and Dana Linn Bailey before

In 2006, Dana was the first to compete in body fitness competitions and performed in this category until 2010. In those years, the main task was to get a PRO card. In 2010, Dana performed for the last time in body fitness, after which a new Women’s Physique nomination appeared. Dana decided to perform in this category at the first show in 2011 and immediately won the absolute category, receiving a PRO card and becoming the first NPC / IFBB WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE PRO in the world.

The premiere performance took place at the age of 23 years. Then 4 years Bailey performed in fitness bikinis, but did not achieve any serious success. Despite the setbacks, she continued to train hard, expecting to receive a PRO-card in the future.

“I have a competitive gene in me, pushing me to achieve. It is important for me to know how much weight I will raise, what my body will become. The hall is a drug for me. “

The athlete decided to use all the chances and realized that sooner or later it would reach a different level. The turning point came in 2010 after the launch of a new project “Women’s Physique”, dedicated to women’s bodybuilding french press exercise. At the first contest she became the absolute champion. The victory brought popularity and professional status.

Dana Linn Bailey before and after For several years, the phytonaceae accumulated many awards received in this contest. After another victory in 2012, the girl applied to participate in the Olympia and won the category “Women physicist”. Her 8-year-old dream finally came true. At the next annual competition she took 2nd place, but on “Arnold Classic” she showed a low result. In 2015, Bailey took a time-out and focused on the family business.


Fit woman uses an eight-day cycle, working out in one day a certain group of muscles.

  • For pumping the top of the body takes heavy weights and performs 6-12 x 4 basic exercises.
  • The lower part loads less intensively, working with moderate loads in the range of 10-20 repetitions.

Dana does not like cardio and believes that it takes a lot of time with home workout equipment. Before the competition adds to the program upgrades on the step-platform.

dana linn bailey before and after


linn baileyDana and her husband launched a sports nutrition line, opened a store selling sports cars. Back in 2011, the couple arranged a garage for making clothes under the brand DLB. Already after 2 years, the couple owned a warehouse of 40 thousand feet, which allowed to expand production capacity. No less successful is the sports project “WarHouse Gym”. In its own gym with sponsorship, the phitonya annually organizes events where the IFBB stars perform Dana Linn Bailey before and after.

Rob plays in a popular band and often tours, so responsibility for the business rests with Dana. In 2015, she told reporters that she was hard without sports, but it was time to change priorities. The champion promised ectomorph training program to return and continue performances. In 2016, she found time to relax, and almost a year traveled the world.

dana linn bailey before weight lifting

What are your plans?

It is not excluded that the decision to take a pause pushed a double loss to the talented Brazilian Julianne Malakarna. Bailey understands that she is inferior to her in muscle mass. With a height of 164 cm, the girl weighs 61 kg. Most likely, the champion year or two wants to work on the volumes, so that with new strength to return to the competitive stage. Knowing the champion’s character of Dana, you can not doubt the new victories.