My personal bodybuilding training; drug Protocols, Training, Diet Hello, happy, enjoy the site kai Greene gyno! There is a ton of free knowledge and information about bodybuilding based on my… The gym is good. The gym is a healthy way of life. And at the gym fitness club can get a third of the income – half of the amount of sale of club cards. The gym is also profitable.

The lion’s share of additional services fitness club sells in the gym – it’s personal training.

Of course, in order to sell personal training, fitness professionals should go to the gym. Or bodybuilding?

Today in the fashion coaching and life coaching Kai Greene. Personal trainers of the well-known network of fitness clubs already give interviews in the media on this topic.

People want to learn how to live – this is normal. Itself not against learning this useful art for life. As you understand, the training program is part of the life program of a modern successful person kai Greene gyno. So the personal trainer is a part of life coaching.

Let’s return to the bodybuilding professionals who train the fitness club clients. They say this type: you have to eat every two hours, beze-ace and all that. A successful person will think about his program of life and say “Oh! You know, I do not want too much muscle. ” Familiar phrase?

There is demand – there is an offer. Now the gyms are run by fitness professionals – not bodybuilding – without traces of strength training on the body.

I heard that gyms are used in medical centers for the rehabilitation of patients: for example, in the centers of Dikul. Why not in the fitness clubs do not put professionals from such medical centers. Then a fitness club is not a hospital?

Well, in short, such pros of gyms say: “Healthy people do not exist. They are all sick and crooked. They need to straighten their posture “

Sport is entertainment: entertainment for spectators. Medical centers are a treatment. Do fitness clubs offer, for those who want a healthy life, without being involved in treatment and entertainment? Sorry for the pun.

If the client on his feet came to the health club, then maybe he really does not want bed gymnastics on the rug. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, maybe he really does not want to play with the muscles in his underpants on stage?

What kind of professional does the fitness club client want to see in the gym kai Greene gyno?

When a client comes to a fitness club and gets into the gym, he often realizes that he has a lack of muscles on the bones and an excess of fat under the skin. He even talks about it openly. And where do all conversations with professionals go? To sports nutrition or curvature of the spine.

Not sports nutrition can live. With a crooked spine, you can not only live, but you also need – adult areas are closed growth zones if scientists do not lie. But with a lack of muscle and excess fat to live hard and it can be fixed.

Although it is not easy to build muscle in harmony with nature without the support of farming, like bodybuilding professionals. In practice, muscles in men grow at a rate of 4 kg – and for women only 2 kg – a year. What are the big muscles?

Muscles – it’s not fast, it’s not easy, it’s not easy. To solve this problem little to read little books, you still need to grow these grown kilograms. Then, without a certificate, any client recognizes you as a fitness professional – only by traces of training on the body. You can see by the body that it’s hard work, and what’s puffed up by the farm.

And the person can see what is real and what is suffered.